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German to English Law (general) Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Ansatz Item billed (Gegenstand des Ansatzes)
Anschliessung cross appeal
Anschlussbeschwerdegegner respondent to cross-appeal
Entered by: Gerhard Wiesinger
Anschlussgleisrecht easement
Anschlusspfändung second distress
Entered by: Goldenbead
Anschlussrechtsmittel cross-appeal
ansiegeln attached thereto, affixed with a seal, sealed
Anspruchsgrundlage basis of claim/basis for claim
Anspruchsverpflichtung claims liability
Entered by: Christine Lam
Anteilsrechte und Mitspracherechte shareholder and co-determination rights
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
Anteilstreuhänder share trustee
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Antrag auf Annahme als Kind adoption petition
Antrag auf einstweiligen Rechtsschutz to apply for temporary legal protection//for temporary protection of rights
Antrag aus der Klageschrift stellen file a motion pursuant to the Complaint
Entered by: Asya Sokirko
Antrag einer Privatperson auf Erteilung eines Führungszeugnisses application for a certificate of (good) conduct by a private person
Antragsdelikt offense prosecuted upon application by authorized party
Antragsgegner respondent
Antragsteller und Frau petitioner and Ms. XXX, attorney at law (two different persons)
Antragsteller/Antragsgegner E&W injunction: Claimant/Applicant vs. Defendant/Respondent
Antragsteller/Antragsgegner petitioner/respondent
Antragstellerinnen zu 1) bis 3) 1st, 2nd and 3rd claimant/petitioner/plaintiff
Entered by: Carolyn Brice
Anträge umstellen invert the claims
Antritt Acceptance (of inheritance)
anwaltlich versichert is assured (by me) as a lawyer; (UK: is covered by a Solicitor's Undertaking/retainer will be supplied hereafter)
anwaltliche und parteiliche Bearbeitung von Sachverhalten handling legal issues acting as a lawyer for clients
Entered by: Elizabeth Niklewska
anwaltliche Vertretung ist geboten legal representation is mandatory
anwaltlichen Vergleich settlement between both sides' lawyers
Anwaltssozietät law firm
Entered by: Ron Stelter
Anwaltszwang statutory requirement to be represented by a lawyer
Anweisungsbeamte registrar
Anwendungsschreiben letter of implementation
AO - Abgabenordnung Fiscal Code
Entered by: Christine Lam
Apostille apostille (official authentication)
Entered by: Johanna Timm, PhD
Appelationsschiedsspruch appellate arbitration
Approbation als Zahnarzt Licence to practice as a dentist/ Dental license
Arbeitgeberbeitragsreserven mit Verwendungsverzicht employer contribution reserve with stipulated waiver of usage
Entered by: John Speese
Arbeitnehmerentsendung transfer of employees
Arbeitsplatzreserve room for additional jobs
arbeitsrechtlichen Näheverhältnis by virtue of a close link/age with his or her employment
Arbeitssicherheitsgesetz/Arbeitsschutzgesetz Occupational Health and Safety Act
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