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German to English Law (general) Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Absicht vs. Vorsatz specific intent vs. intent
Absichtserklärung [some rephrasing would do]
abspringen drop (here)
Abstammungsurkunde full form birth certificate (BE)
abstellen dependent on - use as a key criterion - pls refer to context
Abtrennungsverfügung court order to hear the cases sepàrately
Abtretung an assignment of
Abtretungsmodalitäten ways of transferring; arrangements for the transfer of
Abwassersatzung waste water ordinance / regulations
abweichende Bestimmung derogating provision
abweichende prozessrechtliche Bestimmungen vorbehalten subject to legal procedural provisions to the contrary
abweichendes Inkrafttreten This provision does not enter into force until [date]
Abwickler liquidator, receiver
Abwicklung der Geschäfte nach Möglichkeit carrying out of business if possible
Entered by: Mats Wiman
act. file
act. Aktenstelle (hier) - record ID/ position
Adaequanttheorie Theory of Adequate Causation
Adhäsionsverfahren parallel proceedings
Adhäsionsverfahren adhesion proceedings
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Admassierung tracing of estate assets
Entered by: Goldenbead
advokatorische Vorsicht erring on the side of legal professional caution
AEV (Abbuchungs- und Einziehungsverordnung) (Direct Debiting Ordinance)
AG-Bezirk district for which the local court is responsible
Entered by: Shane London
AGG Equal Opportunity Act
Entered by: Klaus Urban
AGg. Respondent
Ahndung der Tat punishment for the offence
AK file
Entered by: Rolf Keiser
AKostV Auslandskostenverordnung Ordinance on fees and expenses charged abroad
Akt file(s)
Aktenauszüge abstracts of record
Aktenbearbeitung vs. Akten ührung file updating vs. file management
Entered by: Karina Decke
Aktenrealität reality of the record
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Aktenvervollständigung completion of files
Entered by: David Wallace
Aktenverzeichnis list of documents
Entered by: philgoddard
aktenwidrig contrary to the record
Aktenwidrigkeit error apparent on (the face of ) the record
Aktenzeichen (AZ) reference
Entered by: Astrid Elke Witte
aktienrechtliche Spitzfindigkeiten the subtleties of public company law
aktiver Gläubiger active creditor
Aktivprozesse bringing actions/filing suits/etc
Entered by: GWM123
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