The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Management Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Hoheitsstaat sovereign state
Entered by: Christine Lam
i.O. OK
im Delegationsbereich within the field/area of responsibility
im Umlaufverfahren by way of circulation
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Immateriale WG Intangible assets
in das Unternehmen tragen convey their own visions and expectations to the company's workforce
Entered by: Peter Downes
in die Schranken weisen (successfully) steal a march on the competition
in leitender Position spearheaded
in Mandat to be asked to/entrusted with the job
Informationen bündeln provide a one-stop resource of / one-stop access to information
Entered by: Steffen Walter
inhaltlich bestimmen define what constitutes
inhaltlich unterstützen provide content-related support
Innendienstleiter sales support manager
Entered by: Ilka Nahmmacher
Instrumentenuniversum range of instruments
Entered by: Carolyn Korzilius
internationale Geländegängigkeit comfortable in an international environment
ist Gift für ein Team is disruptive for any team
Entered by: Astrid Elke Witte
jemandem unterstellt sein report to / be responsible to / be accountable to sb.
Jour Fixe set day
Kappungsgrenzen *Finanzierung* ceilings / (upper) limits
Entered by: Steffen Walter
karätig first-rate
Kaskadierung cascading
Kaufmaenische Angestellte administrative assistant
Entered by: Christine Lam
Kenntnisnahmeliste read and acknowledged list
Entered by: Gillian Scheibelein
Kennzahlensysteme indicators
kleiner Grenzverkehr local (cross-) border traffic
Knappheitsbewältigung dealing with scarcity
Entered by: Marc Svetov
kollegiale Beratung peer consultation
Entered by: Klaus Urban
kollegiale Fallberatung case discussion method
Kompetenzen authority
Konfliktgespräch conflict resolution meeting
Konkretisierungsgrad degree [level] of detail
Kontroll- und Steuerungsfunktion monitoring and control function
konzeptionelle Grundlagen underlying concepts
Konzerndienstleistungen shared services
Konzernleitung corporate management
Konzernrevision group internal audit (department)
koordinierend tätig sein to act/acting in a co-ordinating capacity
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Kosten- und Terminentwicklung cost and schedule planning
Entered by: Yuu Andou
Kundentakt customer's manufacturing/production cycle
kurzer Draht close contacts
Entered by: Carolyn Korzilius
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