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Better Game on Translation Business

By Portalkata | Published  04/1/2006 | Business Issues | Recommendation:
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When we are asked about what we want, there might different words, but the essence is the same: we want to be the better players, playing a better game, means doing the best tasks, including translations.

In work sphere, a better game can be associated to the less time spent on repetitive or low-value tasks, and more time spent on activities that make a difference to the organization.

According to my experience, job satisfaction in technical job including translation especially technical translation correlates solidly with “access to new and challenging technologies” and “opportunities for additional training and an enhancement of skills.”
I think this is what we define as a better game. And the most responsible party in these matters usually is organization decision maker and their management, in short the management level.

The management level must have a kind of business intelligence capability and technology to gain the better game for the whole organization business process. Since they keep the technology of business intelligence in hand and being used across units or division within the organizations or even across organizations, then the better game will be in their fingertip.

These managers want their people to have more fun. Translators and graphics designer, for example, will be facilitated with tools and familiar interfaces such as portals, processing software, and application support.

We can imagine how in the past the all facilities above were usability and expense. Prohibitive hardware and infrastructure costs have often restricted access to small teams of elite translators, for example.

Take a case for sample, a translation agency has been running for more than 10 years with the high productivity of works. They doing translation, edit, proofread, type setting, graphics design, and publish finalizing every day for about 20,000 words. In the process there are so many master data, transaction data for projects, translators, as well as reports transportation. This daily data will automatically accumulate in weekly, monthly, yearly, up to this day.

The case above tells that the organizations not only need a back-up system but also systems and technology which can do analytical working and then publish the results to the decision system platform. The advanced system certainly must have automotive and customized interface. It means this allows people to enter their own parameters; drill down into the data; and view the results, using their choice of chart, graphs, colors, and output format.

In order to make the business intelligence system accessible to a larger group of information and translator workers, the system must be integrated with familiar interfaces and applications. The true value of the system is realized when new insights and predictions are integrated with operational information from our day-to-day business process.

There are so many software suites in market today which offer that integration of capabilities of marketing, sales, project management, and financial applications. It should not be denied that the integrated systems of works will stay on way to delivering decision support capabilities to clients and partners. This provides a better game to translation business without even individually they realize using them.

Translation working is part of journalism works, the translators work with information. And the information systems should deliver a certain data and information needed in real time in order to win the big game, perform at your highest level, or even only survive to play in the future.***

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