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More useful shortcuts for Word

By Pedro Jorge Rodríguez Román | Published  03/13/2004 | Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
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Pedro Jorge Rodríguez Román
English to Spanish translator

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More useful shortcuts for Word
I saw these useful shortcuts posted by Bogdan:
Ctrl + Shift + End = marks the text up to the last line

Shift + F3 = changes the case of the selected text (from UPPERCASE to lowercase) AND TITLE!!

Shift + F5 = jumps to the last edited text (even after Word is restarted); pressed again, it will move between the last five edited bits of text

and want to add some more:

Ctrl + F6 = toggles open windows in Word 97

Ctrl + < = reduces font one point (you can hold it pressed to keep on reducing)

Ctrl + Shift + < = increases font one point (you can hold it pressed to keep on increasing)

Alt Gr + 4 = ~, useful for phonetics or Portuguese: /bõ:/, pão, Camões. Use as any other accent.

I hope they're useful to you.

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