I do not die I enter into life

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I do not die I enter into life

By Douglas Merlini | Published  07/30/2018 | Literature and Poetry | Recommendation:
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Douglas Merlini
English to Portuguese translator
Sar/Saret membru: Jul 28, 2018.
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I do not die, I enter into life.

Everybody has lost a loved one. Death is uncomfortable and mysterious. We do not know what will come next, but if we live in the midst of so many wonders of God in this life, how much better is going to be what is coming after it, because we will be living in God’s presence.

A nine-year-old girl had lost her puppy, her best friend, with whom she had so many adventures. She was crying a lot, looking out the window while her dad was burying her pet.

His grandfather gave her a hug and said, "What is this sad scenario?"

This comment drew more tears and sadness. But the wise grandfather knew what he was doing. He took his granddaughter's hand and led her to the other side of the room, in front of another window. They looked at the whole garden full of roses and the Grandfather said: "Look! Do you remember when you helped me plant those roses? They were barely thorny twigs, and now look how full of roses is the garden and buds as promises of new roses. "

She wiped the last tears sliding like a diamond from her eyes and contemplated for a moment amazed. She saw the roses, poppies and bees flying over them. The wise grandfather was happy and satisfied for helping his grandchild a time of grief and said: "Go, my daughter, life always gives us a new window!"

Death is not everything. Mourning the loss of someone is a human reaction, but we cannot dwell only with death. This pain should get us closer to understanding who we are and lead us to something greater. Only faith can help us in those moments. Only faith can calm us down, and brings us to understand that love can lead us to live each day as if it were our last day.

Live intensely, like Jesus, and intensely you will be prepared for the afterlife. The reality is that we do not die, but we enter into life, as St. Therese of Lisieux said.

If in the dictionary we find the following definition of death: termination of life. I dare to say that it is not a termination but it is where the real life begins, not material, but the divine life with Christ.

Living in this world 50, 60, 80 years, would be meaningless if everything was over when our body stops working. There must be something much greater, there must be life. If we were facing the window of death as the little girl in the story, then for us death would be the end of everything. But if we look with faith in the resurrection as a new beginning, as a rebirth in Jesus Christ, this rebirth with Him is life, but now for all eternity.

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