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Joel Pina Diaz
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» Protégete del fraude cibernético
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 12/5/2009 | Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
Algunas de las mejores herramientas contra el Phishing. La frecuencia de fraude en línea aumenta si ignoramos como protegernos, esta información actualizada te puede salvar.
» Juego de custodia
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 12/22/2009 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
La traducción genera ganancias importantes a nivel mundial, las estadísticas que reflejan estos datos son inexistentes.
» Población con Habilidad Limitada del Idioma Inglés (LEP). Profesionales y traducción médica
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 06/28/2010 | Translator Education | Recommendation:
Se ha encontrado en los Estados Unidos, una necesidad constante de materiales escritos y en otros formatos de comunicación que sirvan efectivamente en diversos lenguajes para apoyar a la Población con Habilidad Limitada del Idioma Inglés (LEP) en el campo de la medicina y por supuesto en otros campos. En este caso muy particular me evocaré a la medicina.
» Las bases de estandarización en el cobro del trabajo de traducción
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 05/17/2011 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
Trade credit on translation and related topics.
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 12/28/2012 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
One of the most common issues that I have discovered in 10 years of professional translation is how the translator sees the job. Since in "freelancing" the money does not appear until the job ends, the payment is often uncertain so no one can deny that it is an act of pure confidence.
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 01/3/2013 | Financial Issues | Recommendation:
Tools to receive payments worldwide. News and features.
» The only way
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 10/3/2018 | Legal Issues | Recommendation:
industry benefits and regulations, finance and set up
» The only way / English
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 10/3/2018 | Legal Issues | Recommendation:
The to financial, legal and development practices translator are facing actually, solutions and steps to get a better industry standard.
» Abusing practices among translation industry
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 12/2/2019 | Legal Issues | Recommendation:
Translators are exploring and facing new challenges, technology is a tool as well as an opponent at some point. But something is dangerously missing and we all must stand up quick to change the translation history.
» California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), Gig work and translation industry (1)
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 01/9/2020 | Legal/Patent Translation | Not yet recommended
California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) and why is affecting several colleagues in California and soon, other US states. Translators and similar industry individuals van avoid the "effect" or value the chance to become ICs...
» California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), Gig work and translation industry; the Borello test
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 01/9/2020 | Legal/Patent Translation | Not yet recommended
Where, translators fir in this scramble? Is this law a help or not? The test that should be performed worths the effort? There are several classifications and a very ambiguous information.
» Playing Machine Translation at the end
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 06/26/2020 | Software and the Internet | Recommendation:
Is MT a reliable tool?
» Criteria in translation industry - First part
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 08/5/2020 | Getting Established | Recommendation:
Where we're going as an industry. We must change the game rules in order to take the industry to other levels.
» Ética en la industria de la traducción - Primera parte
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 08/5/2020 | Spanish | Recommendation:
No existe en toda la industria de la traducción un estándar específico que toque los puntos esenciales para que un traductor preserve sus derechos como profesional...
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