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Legal/Patent Translation
11 articles in this category (not counting subcategories)
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By Eric Dos Santos | Published 03/8/2021 | Legal/Patent Translation | Recommendation:
O que está envolvido em ser tradutor jurídico Como se tornar tradutor jurídico Valor da tradução jurídica
» California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), Gig work and translation industry; the Borello test
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 01/9/2020 | Legal/Patent Translation | Not yet recommended
Where, translators fir in this scramble? Is this law a help or not? The test that should be performed worths the effort? There are several classifications and a very ambiguous information.
» California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), Gig work and translation industry (1)
By Joel Pina Diaz | Published 01/9/2020 | Legal/Patent Translation | Not yet recommended
California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) and why is affecting several colleagues in California and soon, other US states. Translators and similar industry individuals van avoid the "effect" or value the chance to become ICs...
» Faux-amis en traduction juridique ES>FR: le cas de la réserve héréditaire. La reserva troncal
By José Antonio Ibáñez | Published 05/29/2017 | Legal/Patent Translation | Recommendation:
Les faux-amis sont un piège à éviter dans toute traduction, notamment dans une traduction juridique. La recherche et la formation constituent une façon de les contourner.
» Legal-Linguistics for the United Nations, States and Other Non-State Actors
By paula arturo | Published 01/6/2015 | Legal/Patent Translation | Recommendation:
On December 10, 2014, Proz held the 3rd Virtual Lawyer-Linguist Event, organized by Suzanne Deliscar and put together with the help of Drew MacFadyen. Panels included Lawyer-Linguists from several different countries discussing everything from the work of Lawyer-Linguists as CEOs to freelance opportunities for Lawyer-Linguists at International Organizations. Given the interest shown by participants on the subject of legal-linguistics for international organizations like the United Nations, this article presents a little recap based on the top 7 questions asked by attendees after the event.
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» Proofreading guidelines in legal translation

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