What translators are working on

Share information about what you are working on to promote the work you do and track your project history over time. Discuss this feature.

What is the "What I am working on" feature?

The "What I am working on" feature is a new service from ProZ.com that enables translators to share with other translators descriptions of the projects they are currently working on.

Why would a translator want to tell others what sort of work he or she is doing?

For social and networking reasons, maybe. Or perhaps to establish a track record of the projects they have done, either for their own reference or to make others aware of the type of work they do.

What sort of material is appropriate for posting via "What I am working on"?

The "What I am working on" feature is provided specifically for sharing information about projects you are working on. Members are asked to refrain from making postings not related to projects they are working on.

What about work of a supporting type, for example invoicing, marketing and so on -- is that sort of thing also suitable for posting?

Not really. This feature is intended for sharing and recording information only about actual translation (or interpreting) projects that you work on.

I see terms coming up on some "What I am working on" postings. Where do those come from?

Translators are given the option of including "representative terms" in their "What I am working on" postings. This helps to give others a sense of the type of work being done.

Where do "What I am working on" postings appear?

"What I am working on" postings that are made in "public" mode can be viewed by others in dedicated areas of ProZ.com, the ProZ.com mobile app, TM-Town and other places.

Apart from being displayed, are "What I am working on" postings used in any way?

Outsourcers using the ProZ.com directory are able to search translators using the keywords in "What I am working on" postings that have been made public. Directory users may also limit their search results to those translators who have used "What I am working on" to report working on projects in the past 30 / 90 / etc. days.

Can others react to "What I am working on" postings?

It is possible to enter a reply, as well as to use one of the available reactions: “Cool”” and “I do that”. It is also possible to privately contact posters via their profile pages.

Why would someone want to contact a person who makes a "What I am working on" posting?

For example, a client might just happen to be looking for a translator with your profile and be interested in the kind of work that you are describing. Similarly, a fellow translator might be able to suggest a resource useful for that sort of project, to exchange related experiences and opinions, etc.

Who can make a "What I am working on" posting?

Via ProZ.com, only ProZ.com full professional members may post. TM-Town members can post via TM-Town. Translators without Borders volunteers can post via the Translators without Border's translation center platform. Posting is also possible via the ProZ.com mobile app, and API partners (ex. CafeTran).

Can non-members benefit in any way from this feature?

Non-members can read and react to postings made by others.

What sort of projects would be suitable for mentioning through "What I am working on"?

Any translation project, really. The more interesting or challenging the project, the more interesting it may be to post.

What about confidential information?

No confidential information should be shared.

Are "What I am working on" postings moderated?

Yes. Inappropriate postings, or postings that are not related to translation or interpreting projects, may be removed.

If I post something via "What I am working on", who can see it?

When you mention a project via "What I am working on", you specify whether you want the posting to be public or private. Private postings are visible only to you (and therefore are primarily for personal record-keeping purposes.)

How can "What I am working on" be used for personal record-keeping?

To use "What I am working on" purely for record-keeping purposes, select the "private" sharing setting. You will be able to look back on the list of projects to remind yourself of the work that you have done previously.

Where do I go to use the "What I am working on" feature?

You can make and read "What I am working on" postings from ProZ.com, the ProZ.com mobile app, and TM-Town.