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TRADOS Estnisch Lettisch Litauisch Maltesisch

Job posted at: Mar 2, 2021 10:37 GMT   (GMT: Mar 2, 2021 10:37)

Job type: Potential Job
Service required: Translation
Confidentiality level: MEDIUM

Languages: English to Estonian, English to Latvian, English to Lithuanian, English to Maltese

Language variant: Trados

Job description:
TRADOS Estnisch Lettisch Litauisch Maltesisch

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Source EN

Payment method: Online via PayPal
Payment terms: 14 days from the delivery date.
Poster country: Germany

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info Medical
info Preferred native language: Target language(s)
Subject field: Medical: Instruments
info Preferred software: SDLX
Quoting deadline: Mar 2, 2021 23:00 GMT
Additional requirements:
Wissen im Fachgebiet
Trados ab 2019

Sample text: Translating this text is NOT required
The endoscopes shall be completely disassembled prior to cleaning and disinfection. After disinfection and prior to sterilization they shall be completely reassembled.
Light cable connection
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