Outsourcing work: How to request applications, check them and keep them handy

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  • October 24 Becoming an Outsourcer: Your Business Plan

  • October 31 Outsourcing work: How to request applications, check them and keep them handy

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    Summary:In this webinar you will get tips on determining your linguistic needs, evaluating the applications received and maintaining a database of linguists. You will need to have access to this database anytime, finding exactly what you need – when you need it.
    This webinar is intended for linguists who are occasionally outsourcing work to other colleagues or plan to expand into an agency. It will help you get an overview of your needs and help you request targeted information from potential linguists. In addition, you will get useful ideas of how you could better organize the information received so that you keep it handy when you need it.
    Target audience
    Outsourcing linguists or those who plan to expand
    Learning objectives
    You will get ideas mainly about handling the workload involved efficiently without drowning in a pile of paper or a packed inbox folder. Some highlights include:

    • How to determine your needs: where to focus, short-term and long-term requirements
    • Drafting your job posting: what shall I ask for?
    • What to expect in return: what usually happens to your Inbox
    • Evaluation of information received: initial and in-depth evaluations
    • What about the test translation?
    • How to handle the information received: tips and software to keep the overview
    Working as a freelancer linguist already
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    • Determining short-term and long-term requirements
    • Communicate my needs clearly in order to receive the applications I need
    • Handling the resumes am I going to receive
    • Resume evaluation: Long listed and shortlisted resumes
    • Tips and software to keep yourself organized
    • Tips for test translations – how to handle the workload
    • How to pick the right outsourcer when the actual request comes in
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     Irene Koukia    View feedback | View all courses
    Bio: Irene Koukia was born in Germany.

    She obtained the Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma from IATA/UFTAA in 1992 and successfully completed the One-year translator training program at meta|φραση School of Translator Training in 2010. She also obtained a diploma as a Personal & Business Coach from ILS GmbH in April 2015, and she is studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University.

    She is working as a Technical Translator, mainly from German/English to Greek, at her own company, Metafrasma Ltd, since 2008. She also works as a Trainer for since 2011, and as a Tutor for meta|φραση School of Translator Training since 2015. She is the National Representative of STEMG for Greece, following the nomination by the HASDIG, providing training and certification for ASD-STE100.
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