Stop the Feast or Famine Cycle

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Topic: Grow your translation business

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Duration: 90 minutes

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  • Stop the Feast or Famine Cycle
  • Grow Your Business and Income Faster
  • Boost Your Business With Email
  • Secrets To Create Multiple Income Sources
  • Extreme Outsourcing For Bigger Profits

  • Language:English
    Summary:Are you a freelancer struggling to make ends meet? Learn these fundamentals of a highly profitable language based business and ultimately beat the feast or famine cycle.
    Are you a freelancer who wants to:
    attract higher-paying clients consistently and continuously?
    generate more income with your language expertise?
    and ultimately end the feast of famine cycle?

    If so this is the course for you.

    Target audience
    1- Freelancers who want to attract higher-paying clients consistently and continuously;
    2- language professionals who want to generate more consistent income;
    3- freelancers who want to build a solid business and end the feast or famine cycle
    Learning objectives
    The fundamentals of a highly profitable language based business
    3 reasons why you are struggling to make ends meet as a freelancer.
    3 things that a highly profitable language based business absolutely has to have:
    2 strategies you must focus on to avoid feast or famine
    3 things you must get clear before marketing your service
    Freelancers who

    1. Have a good understanding of the English language
    2. Have a desire to build a highly profitable business
    3. an willingness to learn and take actions
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    an introduction

    3 major challenges every language professional faces

    4 misconceptions freelancers have about becoming a successful

    One thing you must do before starting your language business

    3 fundamentals of a highly profitable language based business

    Why the rich is in the niche

    the 4-step approach to attract higher-paying clients

    2 strategies you must apply to end the feast or famine cycle

    4 money-wasting marketing mistakes many translators make

    the most under-used strategy to attract new clients and get repeat business

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    Created by
    Joy Mo    View feedback | View all courses
    Bio: Joy Mo is a freelance translator and certified Mandarin/English Court Interpreter based in BC Canada. Joy moved to Canada from her home country China in 2001 and established herself as a language professional in British Columbia.
    She runs a website that shares business tips and secrets with other language professionals.

    Through her own personal experiences, Joy understands the challenges and problems freelancers face.

    She publishes a free monthly ezine "Translate Your Way to Success" to help freelancers attract higher-paying clients and create a steadier income flow. For more information visit
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