Localization online course - part 2: practice

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Topic: Localization

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Duration: 160 minutes

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Course program
• General introduction: Localization aplied to translation and quality control after translation

• Presentation and translation of a practical case - translation.

• Introduction to the process of localization for translators.
• Reception of content from the client. Issues to discuss with the client before starting.
• Preparatin before translation (terminology guides, files formats, word count, fussy matches to translators advantage, time management, QA during translation, etc)
• Translation: pottential problems, interactive use of glossaries, etc
• QA after translation.Settings.
• Delivery and issues to address with the client.

• Question and answer session

• Demonstration or quality assurance with a pratical case.
• Introduction to the process of QA after translation.
• Reception of materials for QA. Issues to address with the client.

• Preparation before QA (printing of materials, screen layout and organization, word count, tools, ethics, etc)
• QA: issues to consider and issues to consider and issues to discard.
• Delivery of documents

• Question and answer session
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