Personal Branding 102: Have Jobs Find You Establishing a Top Selling Expert Reputation

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Topic: Personal branding

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Duration: 60 mins

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Summary:Understand what makes you a unique specialist in your specific domain Build your reputation and get prepared for communicating your brand to the targeted public. Plan and act on your communication in time to get known as an expert.
Get proactive by building yourself an Expert reputation so Jobs can find you. Identify what makes you an unique professional, Understand what you need to develop to get recognized as the expert you are. Create and activate a communication plan to get your personal brand known and considered by who may have the jobs you are interested in.

Topics to be covered during the presentation:

• Indepth Understanding what is Personal Branding
• Discorvering the inner self for branding
• Developping the Brand
• Planning and acting on Brand communication
• Maintaining the brand in time
Target audience
• Freelancers (experienced or not),
• Agencies and companies,
• Job Seekers,
• Business professionals...
Learning objectives
In this webinar, you will learn how to:

• Understand the fundamentals of Personnal Branding
• Discover and more important Build your Brand
• Communicate with efficiency your brand
• Maintaining your Personal Branding process in time

At the end of this course, you will be able to position yourself as an expert to the public you target and get known and remembered so you find more jobs.

(Having participated to the previous webinar is a plus but it is not an obligation)
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- Fundamentals of Personnal Branding
- Discover your Brand
- Build your Brand
- Communicate your Brand
- Maintain your Brand
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Soyculto    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Since he founded Soyculto in Buenos Aires in 2006, Sebastien Yanni is helping Latin American Corporate firms, SMB and individuals to develop, implement and operate sustainable growth strategies for long-term success.

Using Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing), Business common sense & entrepreneurship methods, Sebastien proposes customized solutions oriented on optimized ROI to cope with Companies ambitions and situations.

As an enthusiast entrepreneur, Sebastien has created various companies. He now assists startup teams & coaches project owners into their path to success.

In all his ventures, Sebastien promotes efficiency, consistency, transparency and organization to customers/teams as he believes these are keys to find a long lasting growth in all business contexts.

Trilingual, Sebastien speaks and uses daily French, English and Spanish.
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