A translator's guide to avoiding physical burnout

Formats: Self-study training
Topics: Getting established in the translation industry
Health and lifestyle for translators

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Availability:This training is available on-demand
Summary:How to avoid physical burnout. Learn to identify the warning signs of the kind of physical ailments translators suffer from. Knowledge is power and in this case you will learn about the reasons behind the pain and gain information about what to do and how to go about re-balancing your body so you can continue to be productive.

Transalting is a rewarding profession but it is a sedentary occupation. A long-term career in translating depends on you knowing your body, and keeping it balanced. It is not enough to join a gym (although it is highly recommended) and then spend the next day glued to your chair.

Constant small preventive measures are necessary and one massive physical effort every few days is not enough - in fact you may be at more risk than ever if you are tired out from an intense training session. Aerobic exercise is not the answer either. You need to build the right kind of muscle and do the right kind of stretches.
You need a translators anti-burnout plan to guide your gym time and structure your work time. Based on personal experience of physical burnout and current training techniques, led by a personal trainer and translator.

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