Give extra power to your TMs with Kantan MT

Formats: One-on-one training
Topics: Working with translation teams
Translation quality assurance
Terminology management

Course summary
Availability:This training is available on-demand

The training will last 90 minutes and it is provided on a one-on-one basis, using Skype or the GoToWebinar platform.

Dates and times are arranged between the lecturer and the student.

Prepare your questions before the class! There will be opportunity to discuss software features during the workshop. You can send your questions to the support center as a wish list before the one-on-one session.

When the session is complete, request a certificate of attendance by submitting a support request. It will be available for download from your profile under "Training sessions attended".

Duration:90 minutes
Summary:Go further than good TMs and a somewhat good MT. Combine them using Kantan MT to get ever better suggestions. This course will show you how.

Welcome to the world of Customizable MT. Discover how you can get better suggestions for your translation teams going further than just good TMs. This will help you to have faster turnarounds and more natural suggestions. This course will help see how the tool works, and how to customize its use for specific needs you may have for each end client.

Training plan:

  • Concepts of CMT
  • See it perform (demonstration)
  • Learn how to customize it
  • Learn how to get pretranslated work (2 ways)
  • Learn how to improve the tool overtime

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    Target audience
    translators that are also Outsourcers
    Learning objectives
    You will understand the concept of how the tool works.
    You will be able to set it up according to your needs
    You will be able to output work from the tool
    Handle a vast number jobs.
    Own reasonable size TMs
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    Concepts of CMT
    See it perform (demonstration)
    Learn how to customize it
    Learn how to get pretranslated work (2 ways)
    Learn how to improve the tool overtime
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    Bio: Fi2 n Co are professional linguists and trainers. Fi2 n Co train professionals, linguists-to-be/students in interpretation and translation. By the careful choice of material and pedagogical methods they help students and professionals to hone their skills and display professionalism.
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    Extremely satisfied (5 out of 5)
    Odile Nerfin (X)
    "This course helped me discover what CM's can do. It was extremely clear and very interesting."

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    Course limit: 10
    Philippe Locquet
    Odile Nerfin (X)
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