DTP for Translators

Format: One-on-one training
Topic: DTP - Desktop Publishing

Course summary
Availability:This training is available on-demand

ProZ.com is pleased to announce its online training on DTP for Translators.

The goal of this course is to introduce translators to Desktop Publishing, its role in the process of document translation, and the main IT tools used for this purpose.

Each module includes one-to-one interaction, visual support and practical examples.

Given the wide variety of software used for DTP, I have selected the main programs and grouped them according to their nature. Having these software installed is not required, and those familiar with them may get a deeper knowledge of their applications.

The concepts and strategies included in the course will allow trainees to further improve their command of DTP tools with time.

Once one or both modules are paid, the trainer will get in contact with the trainee in order to agree a date and time. The training is provided on a one-to-one basis, using Skype or MSN or a standard telephone.

Duration: 5 hours

Learning objectives
Introductory module

  • What is DTP and at which stage of the publishing/printing process is it located?
  • The role of the translator in DTP projects.
  • Requirements of DTP software.
  • Budgeting projects with DTP.
  • PDF to Word and Word to PDF: Adobe Acrobat Professional and similar programs.
  • PDF file editing with Acrobat: error correction.
  • DTP within Trados: TagEditor applications.

  • Advanced module

  • Vector images vs. bitmap images: an approach to graphic design programs.
  • Home/Office tools: MS publisher
    - Their limitations.
    - How they work.
    - Text editing.
    - Shape editing.
  • Professional tools: Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Pagemaker and QuarkXPress.
    - How they work.
    - Editable and non-editable text.
    - Text editing.
    - Shape editing.

  • Requirements
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    Recommended software: Having Adobe Acrobat Professional (or similar PDF editor) and SDL Tag Editor is recommended though not necessary to make the most of the course.
    Registration and payment information
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    All the payment options available. After your payment is received, your status will be changed to “registered and paid” and your spot for the session will be secured.
    An invoice and receipt of payment will be sent to you for your records.
    Mauricio Coitiño    View feedback | View all courses
    Bio: Mauricio Coitiño se desempeña profesionalmente como traductor y diseñador gráfico freelance desde hace más de cinco años. Posee experiencia en servicios de DTP para agencias de traducción, traducción de sitios web, diseño editorial y diseño de imagen corporativa. Es Técnico Profesional en Diseño Gráfico y estudiante avanzado de Licenciatura en Diseño Gráfico y del IH Diploma in Translation. Desde 2007 enseña Español como lengua extranjera en International House Montevideo.

    Mauricio Coitiño has been a professional EN-ES translator and graphics designer for over five years. He is experienced in DTP services for translation agencies, website translation, editorial design and corporate image design. He is a professional graphics operator and an advanced student of a BA in Graphic Design and the IH Diploma in Translation. Since 2007, he has been teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at International House Montevideo.
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