About the absence of possible matches in the target language.

There are at least three situations that appear with frequency in Translation: perfect auditory and semantic match, semantic match (usually partial), and gap.

First situation: compilação (Portuguese), and compilation (English).

Second: bowel (English), and intestino (Portuguese).

Third: honours in the sense found in the expression honours course.

Compilação may refer to a computer operation (see).

If the source-language text is about a programming language, say Clipper, discusses how to create an executable file from scratch, and the sentence is na compilação, você deve se preocupar com as mensagens de erro, na compilação changes into in the compilation.

Intestino means any of the parts of the digestive tube (see). Its perfect match is intestine (see).

The context is a general practitioner in Australia asking his patient, how is your bowel doing?

In this context, (bowel; intestino) form a semantic match.

Honours course is a course that differs from the usual undergraduate course by one component, which is the non-original research work, usually produced throughout a year by the student.

They then enjoy the privilege of dealing with their chosen professor directly, frequently, and with no competition.

The most complex part of the course is writing a minor thesis.

in Brazil, students perform non-original research work, and write minor theses since Primary School.

Life in the first world nations is less competitive, and less demanding than life in the last world nations: it is frequently the case that academics in Brazil have to assess, and mark individual non-original research work of dozens of students.

They also have to be available for doubts, and informal assessments of their students' work, this all on a one-on-one basis, and things are even worse if it is a good establishment of teaching and learning.

Because of that, Brazil has no special name for an undergraduate course that includes a non-original research component.

This is a situation of no possible match or a situation where there is a gap: how can the world reference for the sigmatoid honours be selected through discourse that is written in Portuguese?

There are at least two possible solutions: repeating the expression as it is, and creating a note (N.T.s), or writing the sigmatoid curso in place of the expression honours course, and creating a note.

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The Gaps
Author: Marcia Pinheiro
English to Portuguese translator
By Marcia Pinheiro
Published on 06/28/2012
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