• Hong Kong07:49
  • Rate per min. $3.00 USD
  • Has Hermes number
  • Translation
I have been collaborating with subtitling service providers including BTI Studios since 2016. Whilst I mainly work with ZH-HK as my major language, I am also translating into ZH-TW.

Examples of some of the major shows I have worked on are:

Drama: Criminal Minds, Rectify
Comedy: Happy Endings, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Reality: Border Patrol
Sci-fic film: Interstellar
Thriller film: The Rite
Sport film: Borg vs McEnroe
Documentary: Ferrari
Specializing in:
  • Internet, e-Commerce
  • History
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
  • Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
  • Media / Multimedia
  • Law (general)
  • Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
  • Geography
  • Archaeology