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Serbian to English Idioms / Maxims / Sayings Translation Glossary

Serbian term English translation
šaka jada wretched
šišati ovce Sheep are for fleecing
da me zelja mine indulge me
držati sveću. Play gooseberry
gurnuti u vatru "to be thrown in at the deep end"
Hleb sa sedam kora bread with seven crusts
Ko neće brata za brata, on će tuđina za gospodara a house divided against itself cannot stand
Latini su stare varalice Latins are old cheats
na izvolte (na izvolite) for the asking
ne da se meni sitno samleti There’s no fence against ill fortune
ničija nije gorela do zore Nothing lasts forever
Pas laje, vetar nosi \"Though the dogs bark the caravan moves on\"
Poštovati kućni red act according to the rules of conduct
pomoću štapa i kanapa in a makeshift manner
puj pike, ne važi the deal is off
s prljavom vodom izbaciti i dete throwing the baby out with the bathwater
Entered by: Miomira Brankovic
sit gladnom ne veruje The fat sow knows not what the lean one thinks
u hodu as I go along
Vetar u leđa wind in one\'s sails
\"Ne može šut s rogatim\" (Can not) kick against the pricks

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