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German to English Tourism & Travel Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Hotelbeteiligungen member hotels
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Hotelfachfrau hotel professional
Hotelfachfrau vs. Hotelbetriebswirtin hotel management/hotel administration
Hotelfachmann / Hotelfachfrau hotel manager/manageress
Hotelkontingent pool of hotels/partner hotels
Entered by: Kathi Stock
ideell (getragen) intellectual (support)
Ideenpapier concept paper
im biologischen Alter punkten you score points / defy your biological age/ you beat your age
im F&B Food and beverage
In einer Welt, in der der Alltag nichts verloren hat. In a world (atmosphere) where you can escape the daily routine
in jeder Hinsicht naheliegend comes first, in every respect
in majestätischer Unnahbarkeit glitzernde Viertausender an der Südrampe four-thousand metre peaks glittering in majestic unapproachability at the southern ramp
Entered by: Steffen Walter
in pointierter Form with wit and humour
in traumhafter Lage in a wonderful/gorgeous/heavenly/idyllic location
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Inhaltliche Beschreibung Descriptive Overview of the Region
Innviertler people/goods from the innviertel
inszeniertes Selbstverständnis The region's real and assumed (or artificial) sense of identity
Entered by: Veronika McLaren
interessiert enthusiastic
ist der „Schneehase“ garantiert nicht auf dem Holzweg the snow bunny is sure to have a hopping good time
Entered by: Paula Price
Jägerstüberl Hunter's Lodge
Jedes Jahr aufs Neue year in, year out
Kahlfraß eat the place clean
Entered by: David Hollywood
Kaiserliche Berg-Gaudi Imperial mountainside fun
Entered by: INES Reisch
Kannibalisierungseffekte cannibalization effects
Karren corries [geol.]
Kaufmannsgehilfe im Hotel- und Gaststättengewerbe (administrative/commercial) assistant in the hotel and restaurant industry
Entered by: Kathi Stock
Kaufmannsgrachten Merchant (or Trader) canals
Entered by: Erich Friese
Kausalitätsquote visitor motivation ratio
Kautschukzeit Rubber Boom
Kärtchen postcard
Köhlern charcoal burning
Körndl seeds /grains
Entered by: translate cc
Kübeldusche bucket shower
Kennzahlen-Controlling KPI (key performance indicator) control
Kernbesucher core customers
Entered by: Veronika McLaren
Kieselsaures Tonerdebad Kaolin bath
Entered by: Jon Reynolds
Kilometrierung mileage/kilometrage
Kindermittagsstammtisch Children's lunch club
Entered by: Sonali Hegde
Klangdom sound dome
Entered by: Paula Price
kleiner Meerblick partial sea view
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