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German to English Sports / Fitness / Recreation Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Fahrerlager paddock
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Fahrerlager riders' enclosure
Fallrückzieher bicycle or overhead kick
fürs Endklassement qualifizieren qualifies for the final placings
fehlbar team member in question
Firnhänge areas of hard-packed snow/firn slopes
Firnschnee glacial snow
Flachring (Boxen) training ring
Flatterball swerving shot/strike
Flügelspiel playing down the wings
Entered by: Elisabeth Moser
Fluggleichgewicht Unsupported balance
Flugpass vs. Standpass dive pass vs standing pass
Fohlenelf, Nachwuchsmannschaft youth team
Formen-Wettkampf kata competition
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Formprozesse (tissue) formation processes
Frauenachter women's eight
freies Spiel free play
Entered by: Elisabeth Moser
Frontklapper (symmetrical) collapse
Fußballdeutscher Qualifying foreign player (foreign player qualifying under the five-year rule)
Fußballkicker table soccer / table football / foosball (USA)
fussballett cheerleader/cheerleading
ganz viel Bunt (Swiss German) (and) a whole lot more!
Entered by: Jacek Kloskowski
Gartenschach outdoor chess
Gasteltern host parents / host family
Entered by: Christine Lam
Gegenseil acending rope
Gegenstrom(schwimm)anlage countercurrent swimming pool installation
Entered by: Edith Kelly
geländebedingt due to the terrain
Entered by: Paula Price
Gelb-rote Karte yellow-red card
Gelenk 4-bar linkage
Genuss-Carver fans of carving
geschäumt foamed
Gesundheitssport fitness
Gewaltschuss hard shot (soccer)
Gewichtsschlitten weight stack
gewinnberechtigt eligible for prizes
Entered by: Louise Mawbey
Gipfelaufschwung rise to the summit
Entered by: David Hollywood
Gipfelsieg mountain conquest
Gleitpartie constantly slipping and sliding
Gleitpflug gliding snow plough
Gleitwachs und Steigwachs glide wax and grip wax
Entered by: Bernd Lüecke
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