The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Other Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Managementetage executive level, executive circles
Maria Empfängnis (Feast of the) Immaculate Conception
Entered by: Dr Andrew Read
Maschinen-Steuerung - (es eilt!!) Machine control
maschinentechnisch Blockschutz mechanical unit protection
Massependel deflection pendulum
Entered by: Susanne Roelands
Menschenkind creature
miteinander unterwegs sein Moving forward together
Motivbinde decorative band
Museums und Theaternamen leave - with translation in brackets
Muss dadurch in Ihrer Übersetzung eine Änderung vorgenommen werden? does this therefore mean that an alteration/amendment has to be made to your translation?
nach näherer Anweisung according to detailed instructions
nacharbeitbar reworkable
Nachgeordnetes Netz secondary roads
nachlegen turn up the heat
Nachtrag (in stamp-collecting context) supplement
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Navette-Schliff navette cut
nebelfeuchtes Wischen wipe with a damp cloth
Normprüfmittel Standard inspection equipment
Entered by: Schwabamädle
nullachter Stahl 0.8 cm thick steel
Palmbuschen binden making palm bouquets
pate a mentor/ guardian
Pensionsalter retirement age
Entered by: Robert Kleemaier
Polizei C.I. centre d'intervention
Portier porter
Präferenzabkommen preferential agreement
Probemaßstab / Mustermaßstab samples / prototypes
Entered by: Christine Lam
Profilerin profiler
pronoun for a company they/it
Rahmenführung square head (shape)
Entered by: Hazel Underwood
rechtsdrehend dextrorotatory, dextrogyrous, dextrogyrate
Referentin Projektmanagement Project Management Advisor
Reitplatzplaner equestrian drag / arena drag (and others)
Revierkontrolldienst Local Security Service
Entered by: Roeland
Roehrenrutsche-Einstieg tube slide entrance
Rohrleitungen Pigging pipeline pigging
Rollabsatz rocker sole
romantischen Kulissen romantic scenery
Rst. Nr. Register Number
Ruttnern keep free of snow
Entered by: Manuela Junghans
S. 31 f. pp. 31 f.
Entered by: Stefanie Sendelbach
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