The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Marketing / Market Research Translation Glossary

German term English translation
emotional the umbrella brand conveys the feeling of of .....
emotionale Beziehungspflege cultivation of emotional relationships
emotionalisiert emotionalises
Emotionstyp personality type
Empfehlungstext Recommendation
empirisch abgesichert supported by empirical evidence
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
Endconsumer-Vertriebsnetzwerk End Consumer Sales Network
Energiesparen ist möglich, die Lösungen sind da Saving energy is possible, we can offer you/already have the solution
Enthaarungsdiener hair removal genie
Entscheidungssubjekt decision maker
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
Entspannungsliege relaxing lounger
Entwicklungsdienstleister development service provider
Entwicklungslieferanten Tier 1 supplier
Erfahrungsaustausch (ERFA)-Gruppe knowledge exchange group
Entered by: Mary Worby
Erlössicherung revenue assurance
Entered by: Maria San Martin
Erlebnisgestaltung thematic installation
Erlebnisplatzierungen theme placements / secondary placements
Erlebnisumfeld range of experiences
erotisches Knistern erotic frisson
Erst die Mischung macht’s! Variety is the spice of life
Entered by: Elisabeth Moser
Erst sein Roman „XY“ (1924) brachte Peter Pan den Durchbruch Only upon publication of Peter Pan's novel "XY" in 1924 did he become successful
Entered by: Sebastian Witte
Erstbogen letterhead or memo first or top sheet [and second sheet]
Entered by: Stephen Old
erste Denkansätze initial considerations/thoughts
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Erstklassigkeit excellence
Entered by: Alexander Schleber (X)
ertragsoptimal optimising profits
erzielt Reichweiten achieves a coverage of up to ...
Etatausnutzung budget utilization
Event-Fachkongress event industry convention
Entered by: Gabi François
Eventfolie (self-)adhesive film for tradeshows/events
Eventkünstler entertainer / event entertainer
Evergreen long-running XXX
EVK individual sales
Entered by: Hermien Desaivre
Extrempunktumschreibung verbal description between extreme points
Fabrik von Mägeln und Pontas de Paris Pontas de Paris Nail Factory
Entered by: R-i-c-h-a-r-d
Fachpresseständer trade/business magazine racks
Entered by: Sarah Bessioud
Fachpublikum expert audience
Fachtitel im Bereich Fuhrpark Specialised literature in the field of vehicle fleets
fahren heute mehrgleisig employ a multi-faceted approach
Fahrfilm demo(nstration) film
Fassadenspiegelung representation of the facade
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