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German to English History Translation Glossary

German term English translation
mit dem Leid von Toten the agony of the dead/those suffering death
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
"Der Geist der Revolution, der sich mit den Truppen des Kaisers ausgebreitet hatte, sollte deren Niederlage überleben” "The spirit of the Revolution which had been carried across Europe by the Emperor’s armies was to survive their defeat"
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
"war angelegt" the stage for the conflict was set in the 1991 collapse of the SU
(kirchliche) Simultanverhältnisse ecumenical arrangements [for the shared use of church buildings]
**"intimen Verkehr" mit Rosas Verehrer Brust dessen "zweifelhafte Stellung" being on familiar terms with
- -
Entered by: Steffen Walter
aßo abbrev. for alte Schock (old unit of currency)
abgeteilt received one\'s share (of an inheritance) in advance
Abgrenzungsprojektionen concept of the enemy/adversary concept and demarcation projections
Abräumer (local area) workers
Abschnittskommando section/district command
Abstammungsurkunde Certificate of Descent
Adelskollege fellow nobleman
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
Akt (Austria) / Akte (Germany) file
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Alemanneneinfälle incursions by Alemannic tribes
Alemannia sei's Panier Alemannia is our banner
Entered by: Steffen Walter
allerhöchste Willensmeinung [most] authoritative expression of the will
allerhuldreichstes most gracious
Entered by: Astrid Elke Witte
Altarstipes altar support
alte, mittlere, neuere Geschichte ancient, medieval, modern history
Entered by: Christine Lam
alten Keltenhochburg ancient Celtic stronghold
Altenteil life estate - Cottage of estate reserved for use by parents
Altsparerentschädigung compensation for pre-war savings
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Amt parish/district/county
Entered by: Astrid Elke Witte
an gichterischen Umständen convulsions
an teils geringfügigen Abgaben an because levies imposed by…though small in amount…
angelegt even broader in scope
Ansiedlungsdekret settlement manifesto
Arbeiter der Faust manual workers
Entered by: Michele Fauble
arbeitsflüchtig failure to report to work
Ariseur Aryanizer/Aryaniser
Armenerziehungsanstalt poor school
Entered by: philgoddard
Arrondierung realignment of boundaries
Entered by: Christine Lam
Artilleriebürger Citizen-Militia Artillery Officer
auch in dessen Abhängigkeit und Hintergründigkeit also relating to/in respect of its dependency and complexity (intricacy)
auf Werbung on the lookout for recruits
aufgemacht (ein populär aufgemachtes Büchlein) styled (popular-style booklet)
Aufruf call to arms
Ausbreitung dissemination
Entered by: Helen Shiner
ausgerichtet focused on
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