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German to English Food & Drink Translation Glossary

German term English translation
wertbestimmende Zutat staple ingredient
wff water content of fat-free cheese (wff)
Widerstand 2,2 KOhm, 0,1% ist dem Fühler parallel zu schalten Connect a 2.2- kilohm resistor (0.1% tolerance) in parallel with the sensor
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
wiederverschließbar resealable
Wiesenmilch milk from grass-fed cows / cow's milk (grass-fed)
Entered by: Berit Kostka, PhD
Wirz savoy (cabbage)
Wurstwaren (Roh-, Brüh-, Kochwurst) sausage products (raw-ripened, boiling and cooked sausages)
Wurzelbrot twisted bread
Entered by: Tatjana Dujmic
Zentrale Kältetechnik central(ized) refrigerating (plant and) management
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Zerlegung butchering
Zerlegung und Portionierung von Frischfleisch cutting and portioning of meat
Zicklein goatling; goat kid
Entered by: Leon Hunter
Zitronenbirne White Doyenne pear
Zubereitungsverluste losses during preparation
Entered by: Ursula Derx
Zuchtstör farmed sturgeon
Zukaufsahne commercially available cream
zweckentsprechend aufbereitet appropriately prepared
zweiseitig ausblasend dual-direction
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Zwischenrost intermediate section
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Zwischensteg separator bar
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Zwischenverpflegung snacks
Entered by: Andreas Kobell
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