The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Folklore Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Alles gackert Don't chicken out - join in the fun!
«Aazelle, Bölle schelle, d’Chatz ghat uf Walliselle» count down, peel onions, the cat goes to Wallisellen
Entered by: Rolf Keiser
Brauchtumsträger tradition keepers, custodian/guardian of tradition
Brettljause a plate of coldcuts
Feste und Bräuche im Jahreslauf Festivals and customs throughout the year
Hasengeier golden eagle
Hirtensagen shepherd('s) lore
Entered by: David Hollywood
Kinderspruch nursery rhyme
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Klabautermann Klabautermann
Entered by: Olaf Reibedanz
Krampuslauf Krampus run
Entered by: Edith Kelly
Krippe nativity set / nativity scene / creche
Lamatalk llama fat
Entered by: Edith Kelly
nach Standesgebühr depending on the guest\'s order/status/rank
schicksalskundige Kampfjungfrau fateful/prophetic warrior maidens
Entered by: Veronika McLaren
Schnöller whip crackers
Sennerin Alpine herdswoman and dairywoman
Stubenmusik / Hausmusik music at home/with friends
szenig the latest in
Tatzenhiebe blows of his paws/claws (depending on animal)
Trachtenkapelle band in traditional costumes
Umtragefigur processional icon

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