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German to English Economics Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Mischkalkulation compensatory pricing
mit einem Rückgang reagieren fall ... to compensate
Entered by: Susan Welsh
mit einem Schritt warten to wait before resorting (to a measure/action)
mit etwas unterlegt sein "supported by" or "endued with"
mit geschicktem Agieren with skillful strategies
mit Hilfe der Beschäftigung erzielten Erlösen income actually earned through employment
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Mitnahmeeffekt free-rider effect
Entered by: Bettina Grieser Johns
mittelstandskonform catering to/for [geared toward] the needs of SMEs/SMBs
mitunter from time to time, now and then, among other reasons, among other things
monetäre Alimentierung monetary/financial injection
Entered by: David Hollywood
Nachhol-Ökonomie catch-up economy
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Nachweisquoten verification rate
nähere sich inzwischen is said to be approaching
Nebenzeit ancillary time/ineffective time
Nettoimpuls net impact
Entered by: David Hollywood
Nichtmeldepflicht Exemption from the obligation to register/report etc.
Niederlegungserklärung declaration of resignation
Entered by: Tanja Spath-Nagazi
originäre dispositive Arbeit autonomous dispositive labor
originäre Leistung new / innovative achievement(s)
Personaldiskussion discussion of individuals
Pflicht zur Haushaltssicherung mandatory budget balancing (provision)
Planannahme(n) financial assumptions, also: financial planning assumptions, planning assumptions, budget assumptions
Planökonomie planning economy / plan economy
politische Durchhänger political headwinds
Entered by: Douglas Arnott
Potenzialpfad potential {growth} curve
Präsenzmehrheit majority in attendance
Preisaffinität price affinity
Punktinflation one-off inflation, non-recurring inflation
Entered by: Simona de Logu
Querschnittsziel horizontal objectives
Entered by: Stefanie Sendelbach
reales BIP real GDP (gross domestic product)
Realwirtschaft real economy
Reklamationsfrist the deadline for making a complaint
Risiko nach unten downside risk
Entered by: David Hollywood
Rohstoffströme commodity flows
Rotationsgewinne personnel turnover profits / profits from personnel turnover
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Ruckweisung rejection
Sachverständigenrat advisory board; advisory council
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Sachverständigenrat zur Begutachtung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Entwicklung Council of Experts on the Assessment of Economic Trends / German Council of Economic Experts
Entered by: Steffen Walter
SB-Service self-service banking terminal (SBT)
Entered by: Johannes Gleim
scala scale
Entered by: Johannes Gleim
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