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German to English Cosmetics, Beauty Translation Glossary

German term English translation
(Haut) ... aufpolstern plump up
(Körper-)Packung body pack
62% der Theorie 62% of the theoretical amount
Entered by: Sonya Gerisch
abziehen flick or snap (out/away/off)
Entered by: Mariana Rohlig Sa
alltagsmüde lacklustre
Aloe Activator Fleur Aloe Activator Fleur (Lotion, Brand name)
Entered by: Monika Coulson
ambriert ambered
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
angenehm aktivierend pleasantly stimulating
Antioxidans zu Vitamin A prevents oxidation of vitamin A
Entered by: Davina Bajorek
Apfelbäckchen rosy apple cheeks
Entered by: philgoddard
aufbauend edifying
aufgebaut build up
Entered by: Elshan Abdullayev
Aufgusstopf sauna bucket/pail, sauna humidifier and aromatic drip dispenser
Entered by: Lucia [Lulu] Lay
aufhellende Pflegebehandlung brightening treatment
Aufklärung (patient) briefing
Augenmodellage mit Ampulle [lipo-gel/lipo-contouring] eye sculpting
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Augenpackung medicated eye packs
Entered by: Bernd Lüecke
aus dem Sachet entnehmen Remove XXX from the packet / sachet
Entered by: Mariana Rohlig Sa
Ausfrisieren comb out
Ausreinigen pore extraction
Entered by: Sarah Bessioud
Azol-Aktiv-Depot active azole reservoir
Überfettungsmittel superfatting agent
Bündelzugfestigkeit tensile strength...
Entered by: Sonya Gerisch
Bedienplatz (hairdressing) stations / cutting stations
beigesetzt added
Entered by: Sheila Hardie
breit (in a chemical formulation) broad
Entered by: Sonya Gerisch
Dampfgerät steam unit
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
Dauerpuls vs. gepulste Dauerwelle continuous mode vs. pulsed mode
Entered by: Teangacha
DC-Honing DC Honing
Entered by: Stephen Sadie
Deckhaar top hair
Decolleté decollete
dekorative Depotkosmetik cosmetics / make-up
Entered by: Steffen Walter
die Haltbarkeit der Mascara- Füllung the life of the mascara liquid
Die hautverwandte Cremegrundlage Skin-mimicking cream base
die Nuancierung der Nuancen nuancing of the nuances
Dioxystearinsäure dioxystearic acid
doppelt ergiebig goes twice as far
duftneutral neutral/subtle fragrance
Entered by: Julia Burgess
Duftpool fragrance library / collection
Entered by: Dr. Johanna Schmitt
ein magnetischer Fluß zwischen Führungs- und Schneidehand a synergistic flow between the guiding hand and the cutting hand
Entered by: Rowan Morrell
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