The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Construction / Civil Engineering Translation Glossary

German term English translation
abgenetzt enclosed with safety netting
Entered by: Tanja Spath-Nagazi
abgeschleppt extended / elongated
Entered by: Christine Lam
abgespannt tensioned or pre-tensioned
Entered by: Tanja Spath-Nagazi
abgestaffelt stepped
Entered by: Helen Shiner
Abhangdecke suspended ceiling
Abhängelastenraster grid for ceiling-suspended loads
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Abhänger suspending bracket
Abhänger hanger
Abhängung suspension
Abhängungen (von der Hallendecke) suspended items (from the hall ceiling)
Abhängungspunkte herstellen suspension points may only be installed by
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Abhebe -+ Versetzanker im Werk raised and/or staggered anchor at factory
abheizen cool down
Abhilfeaufforderung request for remedial/corrective action
abklopfen tap
Entered by: Tomas Burda
Ablauf drain (no tech.specs given....could be any type of construction)
Ablegereife replacement state
ableitfähig conductive
Entered by: Johannes Gleim
Ableitfähigkeit conductance
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
Abmauerung walling off
Abnahme / Teilabnahme approval/partial approval
Entered by: Darko Kolega
Abnahmeprotokoll certificate of acceptance / acceptance certificate / apartment inspection checklist
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Abnahmetermine inspection / acceptance / hand-over dates
Entered by: Edith Kelly
Abrechner billing clerk / billing agent
Abrechner quantity surveyor
Abreißfestigkeit bond strength
Abreißpoller breakaway-type bollard
Abrolldorne Removable end stops
ABS (= Ausbaustrecke) modernization [or: upgrade] of the existing line
Absandung sanding
Entered by: Tomas Burda
absatzfrei flush
Absatzmuffe reducing/offset coupling/valve
Entered by: mopc
abschieben (abgeschoben) grading (graded)
Abschlaghöhe cutoff height
Abschlagszahlung/en stage, progress or interim payment/s
Abschlüssen closures
Entered by: Johannes Gleim
Abschlußprofil (Rolltor) footpiece
Entered by: John Jory
Abschluss finish / covering etc.
Abschluss der Statik structural/ the structure's stability
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Abschlussgerüste stairway scaffolding
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