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German to English Business/Commerce (general) Translation Glossary

German term English translation
akquisitorisch acquisitions
Aktenvernichtungstonne (document) shredding bin
Aktiengesellschaft & Co KG Aktiengesellschaft & Co KG (limited partnership with a stock corporation as general partner)
Entered by: Carolyn Brice
Aktienquote share/stock quota
Entered by: Carolyn Brice
Aktionärbindungsvertrag Shareholders' Agreement
aktiver Herbst A summer of preparation paves the way for a busy autumn
Entered by: Eszter Bokor
aktivierende Sozialhilfe welfare to work/welfare-to-work program
Aktualitaet currentness
Akzente touches
Akzente setzen to leave a mark
Alarmgeschäft urgent orders
Entered by: Christine Lam
Alibianbieter token bidder/token contender
Entered by: Juliet Dawnay
Alle Eintragung all entries
Alleingeschäftsführer sole Managing Director
Entered by: Alexander Schleber (X)
Alleinzeichnungs- und Führungsgeschäft Sole and lead insurer
Entered by: Sarah Silva
allgemein aufgezogen covered in general terms
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Als Anlage erhalten Sie treuhändig einen Fahrzeugschlüssel we are entrusting you with the enclosed car key
Als da wären These include / ..., such as
als Gewinn vorab preliminary profit payout
als solche seen as such / comprehended as such / within this framework
Entered by: Helen Shiner
als Vorstand in his role as CEO
Als wesentliche Ergebnisse gilt es Emphasis is on keeping a record of
alter Schlauch old wineskin
Alters-Kinderrenten Additional child benefit for pensioners
Entered by: gwm
Altlastenbeitrag charge for contaminated sites / abandoned landfills / hazardous waste
Aluminiumprofil Aluminium sections
am Kapital beteiligt are having equity participation (or) stake
am Vermögen beteiligt have a share (stake) in the company\'s assets
Amortisation über den Teilepreis. The investment outlay will be recovered through the unit price.
Entered by: Sebastian Witte
Ampelfunktion bei unterschrittenem Mindest-DM traffic lighting......
Entered by: Paula Price
Ampelprinzip traffic light principle
Entered by: Christine Lam
amtsgerichtliche Eintragung registration at the local distict court
Entered by: katieker
an den Fachleuten vorbeikommen get past the experts
an den Markt gehen go to market
an den Preisen schrauben tinker with the prices
Entered by: Boris Rogowski
an der Front des Ladens on the shop floor
Entered by: Dr Andrew Read
an die Adresse der Politik gerichtet directed at the politicians
An die Geschäftsleitung To the Chief Executive (Officer)
Entered by: Ruth Wiedekind
an die Qualität unserer Produkte so hohe Ansprüche stellen And that's precisely why we place such high demands on the quality of our products
an Erfüllung statt in lieu of performance
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