The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Automation & Robotics Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Dichtkante sealing edge
Fachnummer storage number / compartment number
15 - 20 Kaffeekuchen Coffee grounds (15-20 portions)
Entered by: Christine Lam
A-lagerschild end shield A
absichern protect
Abstellposition destination/delivery point/drop point
Entered by: Ramey Rieger
Abweichung (von) besser 10 % deviation (of) less than 10 %
angemeldet released (cleared, enabled)
Entered by: Dr. Andrew Hudson
Ankerkurzschlussbremse Armature short-circuit brake
Entered by: V&E-Team
Anlagenbau machine and plant engineering
Anlauf- und Ausschleusteile incoming and outgoing parts
Entered by: Teresa Reinhardt
Arbeitstisch working table
Aufbau configuration
Aufbruchlaser break beam sensor
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Ausbindung isolation
Entered by: Christine Lam
Ausrichttoleranzen alignment tolerances
Entered by: Inge Meinzer
Ausschleusstation reject station
ausschweißen respot welding / finish welding
Austasten measuring
Entered by: Julianne Rowland
Austrag discharge point
Austragseinrichtung discharge unit
Auswachung scouring/ preparing foundation
Entered by: Christine Lam
Automatisierungstechnik (mit Schaltschrankbau) automation (including control cabinet manufacture)
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Überschleifwerte approximate positioning values
Entered by: Richard Stephen
Bandeisenerder steel ground strap
Entered by: Teresa Reinhardt
Bedienmasken operating screen/ mask
Benetzungsfahrt prewetting rotation
Bestückungsautomaten SMD pick-and-place machine
betriebsparallel synchronous
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Bewegungsautomat automatic handling device
Entered by: Ilka Nahmmacher
Bezüge / Bezug brew/brewing
Entered by: Christine Lam
Bodenhub (bottom) core/punch/lift
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Bundaustrag coil ejection/removal
Entered by: John Jory
Crema froth
Entered by: Christine Lam
der Signalverlauf beginnt mit 1/4 Cosinus [phrase] The signal profile starts at 1/4 cosinus
Entered by: Johannes Gleim
die Kraft liegt der Probe an the forces is applied by the probe/specimen
Diele [baking] tray
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Digitalspur digital channel
Displayprint LED Program Display
Entered by: Christine Lam
drehend antreibbar can be driven in a rotary motion
Entered by: Teresa Reinhardt
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