The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

German to English Advertising / Public Relations Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Außenauftritt outer appearance
auch nur annähernd vollständig abzubilden nowhere near to providing a complete [exhaustive] picture [account]
Entered by: Paula Price
Befestigungsvorrichtung clamp
Entered by: philgoddard
im Kleinstformat in miniature
Entered by: Jon Reynolds
'vorhanden' and 'fehlt' provided/not provided
18/1-Plakatwände billboards
Entered by: Sabine Trautewein
2. Umschlagsseite inside front cover
25 Jahre mit Opel gut gefahren XX and Opel: still making tracks after 25 years
3 x 1/3 Streifenanzeige 4c strip ad
Entered by: Andrea Black
3er Auswahl from a selection of three
A und O is (the) key to success
Entered by: Nadja Leonard
Abbinder payoff line
Abhänger bzw. Spannbanner bunting
Abholer clincher
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Abrufen run/release (+alternatives)
Entered by: Hilary Davies Shelby
Abschlag tee shot
Abschlussrabatt time discount
Entered by: Hermien Desaivre
Abspannvorrichtung rigging gear
Entered by: Carmen Cross
Abstimmungsschleife coordination loop
Entered by: Susan Welsh
Abstimmungsvorlage preliminary draft proposal
Abtörn coming down/sketching
Abwicklung des Tagesgeschäfts managing day-to-day business (or: transactions)
Adressverlage mailing list publisher
AE-Abzug agency commission
Agenturvergütungs-Modelle agency remuneration packages
AH-Werte Auflagenhöhe -circulation
Entered by: John Speese
Aktionspalette action displays
Aktionsstrasse (activities) roadmap
Aktionstage Special Offer Days
Entered by: Stephen Sadie
Aktualitätsgründe reasons of topicality
allein sprachlich schon even on a purely linguistic level
Alleinstellungsmerkmal Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Allgemeinanschlag general billposting
am Ball bleiben to stay on the ball
Entered by: Eszter Bokor
an der wir alle mitwirken dürfen to which we can all contribute
Anforderungsmanagement requirements management
Angaben specifications
Ankündigungsanzeige announcement
Anmache a bit provocative/come on/cheap sexual innuendo
Anpassungswunder Customized assembly for any job - anywhere!
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