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German to English Accounting Translation Glossary

German term English translation
Abschlußstichtag closing deadline / date
Abschluss- und Prüfungskosten financial statements and auditing costs
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
Abschlusspolitik accounting policy
Abschreibung write-down
Abschreibung depreciation
Abschreibungen depreciation & amortization
Entered by: LegalTrans D
Abschreibungen auf Finanzanlagen Amortization of financial assets
Abschreibungen auf immaterielle Vermögensgegenstände des Anlagevermögens und Sachanlagen Amortisation and write-downs of intangible fixed assets and depreciation and write-downs of tangible fixed assets (HGB/German GAAP) / Depreciation and amortisation expense (IFRS)
Abschreibungen auf Kapitalanlagen write-downs of investments
Entered by: Steffen Walter
Abschreibungen auf Tochtergesellschaften write-downs of /investments in/ subsidiaries
Abschreibungsnachweis grid / table of depreciation / amortization
Entered by: Gerhard Wiesinger
abschreibungssicher write-off-proof
absetzen deducted/accounted for
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
Absicherung (des Forderungsausfalls) safeguarding against bad debt losses
Entered by: Tanja Spath-Nagazi
abstellen auf to use sth. as a basis / sth. is to be governed by sth. [to be based on sth.]
Abstellung depreciation, shutdown
Entered by: Marc Svetov
Abstimmung des Eigenkapitals reconciliation of the equity capital
abteilungsübergreifende interdepartmental
Abtragung utilizing (the budgets; the available vacation leave)
Entered by: TechLawDC
Abwertung des Bilanzansatzes writedown of the carrying amount
Abzugsposition deductible item
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
ADS Adler, Düring, Schmalzt
AF-Maßnahmen = Aus- und Fortbildungsmaßnahmen [corporate] training programs and measures
AfA tax depreciation
AfA-Lauf [batch] processing of tax depreciation
AG Die Aktiengesellschaft
AHK acquisition and manufacturing costs
Entered by: Ted Wozniak
Akonto(zahlung) payment on account
Entered by: Steffen Walter
akquirierbares, kumuliertes Umsatzvolumen acquirable cumulative turnover
Akt. Skto early payment discount
Aktien der Gesellschaft im Kurswert von Company shares for a market value of...
Aktienanteil des persönlich haftenden Gesellschafters shares held by the personally liable partner
aktienrechtliche Bewertung valuation in accordance with German company law
Aktionärsbrief Letter to Shareholders
aktive Rechnungsabgrenzungsposten (RAP) prepaid expenses and accrued income
Entered by: Steffen Walter
aktive Steuerabgrenzung deferred tax assets
aktive und passive Bestandskonten asset and liability/equity accounts; asset and capital accounts
Aktive und passive latente Steuern Deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities
aktive und passive Vermögensgegenstände assets and liabilities
Entered by: Olaf Reibedanz
aktive/passive latente Steuern deferred tax assets / deferred tax liabilities *IAS*
Entered by: Steffen Walter
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