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Martin König
Martin König
Native in Czech Native in Czech
translator, interpreter, czech, english, spanish, books, manuals, tourism
Michal Souček
Michal Souček
Native in Czech Native in Czech
Chemistry, pharmaceuticals, physics, automotive, automation, software, patents, military
Vladimir Alekseev, MCIL
Vladimir Alekseev, MCIL
Native in Russian Native in Russian
Academy of Sciences, accounting statements, addendum, ADR, ADS, aerodynamics, agreement, agency agreement, AGM, aircraft engineering, ...
Michal Cinciala
Michal Cinciala
Native in Czech (Variant: Standard-Czech) Native in Czech, Japanese (Variant: Standard-Japan) Native in Japanese
czech translations, slovak translations, translations, localization, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Slovenian, Trados, ...
Julia Ilina
Julia Ilina
Native in English (Variant: UK) Native in English, Russian (Variant: Standard-Russia) Native in Russian
English, german, french, spanish, arabic, armenian, belorusian, bulgarian, hungarian, vietnamese, ...
Ondrej Chovanec
Ondrej Chovanec
Native in Slovak Native in Slovak
english, slovak, russian IT, software, application, automotive, UI, marketing, promotional, gaming, ...

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