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CAT Tools Technical Help Efficiency of using CAT tools in comparison to using none CAT Tools Increase Productivity Given the extremely expensive prices of CAT tools,
at least by Indonesian translators' standard, now
I am using two free online tools: MateCat and
SmartCat. Both greatly increase my pro
Hipyan Nopri Aug 14, 2018
Indonesian Bahasa daerah-bahasa indonesia VS bahasa Indonesia-bahasa inggris?? Bahasa Asing Tentu Lebih Sulit Penerjemahan bahasa daerah ke bahasa Indonesia
tentu lebih mudah daripada dari bahasa Indonesia
ke bahasa Inggris. Penerjemahan pasangan bahasa
yg pertama lebih mudah karena keduanya ba
Hipyan Nopri Dec 14, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Barring unforeseen circumstances, will you still be a translator in 5 years' time? Absolutely, yes. Translation was, is, and will definitely be my
profession as long as I am capable of
translating. It is only recently that I do
business in polycultural, integral coffee
plantation to
Hipyan Nopri Mar 21, 2013
Business issues Do you sign confidentiality agreements before seeing the potential project? Signing an NDA after Pre-negotiations [quote]Diana Coada wrote: Some agencies contact
you to check your availability for a project
without even mentioning the word count, without
sending you a sample or asking for your rates.
Hipyan Nopri Feb 1, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: My average response time for a work-related email is: Within Seconds for Certain Emails Because I am a full-time freelance translator
staying in front of my computer from 5 am to 9 pm,
certain work-related emails are replied in a
matter of seconds. Other emails, particular
Hipyan Nopri Jan 18, 2013
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you browse in your native language? Traduttore, traditore That's why I prefer browsing in the original
language to in my native language.
Hipyan Nopri Jan 17, 2013
Business issues Is it a good idea to both teach and translate? It didn't work in my case For some time I taught English to secondary and
university students. However, I used to make a
hard decision every time a prospective client
asked me to translate a document. On one han
Hipyan Nopri Oct 23, 2012
Money matters Average rates for Bahasa Indonesia <-> English? My Rates Hi Stilgar, As a reference, my rates are US$0.12
per word for translation and US$40 per hour for
Hipyan Nopri Oct 20, 2012
Money matters Paypal sending limit? PayPal Sending Limit Really sorry to hear your payment problem. I hope
it will be solved soon. Yes, PayPal applies the
sending limit of US$1,000 to unverified PP
accounts. It will take 2-3 working days i
Hipyan Nopri Jul 11, 2012
Money matters Which is the safest payment method? Warning against PayPal Account Limitation Indeed, MoneyBookers and PayPal facilitate fast
payment by clients to
translators. Nevertheless, it should be noted
that our PayPal accounts may be access-limited for
some ridiculou
Hipyan Nopri May 30, 2012
Business issues How do you respond to mass e-mails when you are not available? Short Reply I always try to treat both existing and potential
clients professionally and politely. Therefore,
even though I am extremely busy at the time, I
will respond to the email with a short r
Hipyan Nopri May 18, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: When you were a child/in your early teens, did you think you'd be a translator one day? I wanted to be a doctor In my childhood, every time I was asked of what I
want to be, I answered, "I want to be a
doctor". And yes, now I am a doctor, a lexical
Hipyan Nopri May 12, 2012
Money matters Low priced job offer For what? [quote]Elena Aleksandrova wrote: I cannot
understand why people have to post each low priced
offer in the forum.... honestly... It is a free
market - if you don't like it - don't take i
Hipyan Nopri May 10, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the largest number of words you have ever translated in one day? Yes, I am [quote]Erik Matson wrote: [quote]Hipyan Nopri
wrote: Working on a local translation order all
day long starting from 5:00 am until 5:00 pm for
US$0.0000680605 per word. It is my f
Hipyan Nopri Apr 29, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the largest number of words you have ever translated in one day? 8000 Words Using Typewriter Working on a local translation order all day long
starting from 5:00 am until 5:00 pm for
US$0.0000680605 per word. It is my first day of
going professional.:)
Hipyan Nopri Apr 29, 2012
Indonesian Berapa rate rata-rata translator Indonesia-English (and vice versa)? Gambaran Umum Tarif Penerjemahan Sebagai gambaran umum tarif jasa penerjemahan
Inggris-Indonesia dan Indonesia-Inggris, silakan
lihat tautan
es_view_pair=eng_ind h
Hipyan Nopri Apr 27, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Where is your main current client from? Definitely Europe if . . . the main client means the one that relatively
continuously supplies me with translation
jobs. But if the main client means the one that
offers the biggest translation job, then the
Hipyan Nopri Apr 26, 2012
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing LSP and end client definitions of proofreading/editing/review? Theoretically, yes but . . . [quote]Hermann wrote: Proofreading should only
cover spelling and grammar checks, editing goes
well beyond. It includes linguistic and stylistic
checks and should make the translation eas
Hipyan Nopri Apr 23, 2012
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing LSP and end client definitions of proofreading/editing/review? To me and my clients the three terms are the same. Anytime a
potential client asks my
editing/proofreading/reviewing rate, I always tell
them that my rate is US$40 per hour (one thousand
Hipyan Nopri Apr 23, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you gained weight since you started translating? Yes, significantly It is proved by the size of my trousers.
Initially, it was 30-32; now it is 38.:)
Hipyan Nopri Apr 23, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you watch anything (movies, TV series) while working? No While translating, I do not turn my TV or anything
on. I like complete silence when working on
hard stuffs.
Hipyan Nopri Apr 22, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you take any supplements to boost your mental activity? Surely no supplements at all I will keep on working as far as I can, and I will
take rest if I feel tired.
Hipyan Nopri Apr 17, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Work-wise, are you as productive now as you were during the first 5 years of your career? Extremely more productive not only in terms of translations produced per day
for more sophisticated hardware and software but
also in terms of income I receive because now I
have international clients.
Hipyan Nopri Apr 12, 2012
Money matters Who bears the cost of Wire transfer? Wire Transfer Fee [quote]Md Abu Alam wrote: 1. Who bears the cost
of a wire transfer as per standard
practice? [/quote] In my experience, the client
usually pays the fee. However, you should discuss
Hipyan Nopri Apr 10, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: How many times have you thought about changing your career as a translator? Never but I tried to find another work to complement my
profession as a freelance translator. This
complementary work serves to compensate for the
fluctuating income from translation business.
Hipyan Nopri Apr 7, 2012
Translation Theory and Practice translating of names of establishments Brand Names vs Organizations My clients usually ask me not to translate brand
names, but they always require the translation of
organizations in brackets. Best
Regards Hipyan
Hipyan Nopri Mar 30, 2012's Virtual Conferences Discussion for First 2012 virtual powwow for members of the Certified PRO Network (2012) Extremely Different Time Zone Yes, like my fellow translators above, I live in a
country that is seven hours ahead of the GMT. This
extreme time difference makes me unable to
participate in the powwow. Maybe next time
Hipyan Nopri Mar 1, 2012
Indonesian Sekali lagi tarif standar Lengkapi Profil [quote]Selviani wrote: Pengalaman saya dalam
menterjemahkan masih minim tapi keinginan saya
menggebu. [/quote] Semua penerjemah di seluruh
dunia awalnya juga memulai profesinya dg ketiad
Hipyan Nopri Feb 27, 2012
Business issues Is this a strange thing to post in a job advertisement? I don't think it is strange, but . . . As Tomas said, they probably had some bad
experiences with other translators. Therefore,
they warned potential translators not to repeat
the same thing with them. However, we
Hipyan Nopri Feb 17, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Which do you prefer: translating or proofreading? (Please share) I like translating more than proofreading Because: 1. translation rate is much higher than
proofreading rate and 2. proofreading is more
cumbersome and time-consuming, particularly if the
translation quality is poor. Best
Hipyan Nopri Feb 17, 2012
Indonesian Sekali lagi tarif standar Tidak ada tarif standar kolektif [quote]Nana A Harjoko wrote: Adakah di antara
teman2 sekalian yg tahu berapakah tarif standar
untuk translating, editing & proof reading dari
bahasa Indonesia ke bahasa
Hipyan Nopri Feb 16, 2012
Indonesian Indonesian winner of a campaign prize Congratulations to Trias for winning the free
membership. Really happy to hear that. Best
Wishes Hipyan
Hipyan Nopri Aug 8, 2011
Indonesian Penilai Kualitas Terjemahan? Semua Bisa Penilai terjemahan mengenai 'Internet marketing'
bisa penerjemah, bisa juga 'Internet marketer'
atau orang yang memahami bidang 'Internet
marketing'. Teruskan Perjuangan Hipyan
Hipyan Nopri Jan 8, 2011
Indonesian Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia - Harapan Anda Dua Harapan Utama [quote]Harry Hermawan wrote: Kongres HPI telah
lalu, pengurus baru telah dibentuk dan untuk saat
ini pengurus baru sedang dalam masa transisi dari
pengurus lama untuk menyusun agenda stra
Hipyan Nopri Nov 2, 2010
Indonesian Adakah yang punya daftar agensi di Indonesia? Pasar Dalam Negeri vs Pasar Luar Negeri [quote]AdeIndarta wrote: Tarif terjemahan
Indonesia yang terus turun saat ini saya tengarai
karena banyaknya penerjemah baru yang langsung
terjun ke pasar agensi luar negeri. Karena tidak
Hipyan Nopri Nov 2, 2010
Indonesian Adakah yang punya daftar agensi di Indonesia? Lebih Baik Agensi Luar Negeri Mas Yunaz, Sejak pertama kali go national dan go
international tahun 2005, saya tidak pernah
berpikir untuk menghubungi agensi dalam negeri.
Lebih baik menghubungi agensi luar negeri
Hipyan Nopri Oct 19, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What percentage of your clients are international clients (outside your country of residence)? In fact, almost 100% Because most prospective local & national clients
say that my rates are irrational, almost 100% of
my clients are from foreign countries.
Hipyan Nopri Jun 7, 2010
Translator resources membership - feedback needed Channel to go international Hi Daniela, In my case, serves as the
channel to go international. Before joining this
site, my clients were mainly local post-graduate
students. After joining this site, I can
Hipyan Nopri Jun 3, 2010
Money matters UK rates for translating / proofreading My Rates Hi Moodget, My language pair is English to
Indonesian, and my translation rates are US$0.12
per source word and US$40 per hour. All the
best Hipyan
Hipyan Nopri Jun 3, 2010
Indonesian Tawaran Order Agensi AS Lebih Rendah dari Agensi Asia Barusan lihat daftar tawaran order baru
Ada agensi AS menawarkan order dg tarif
US$0.03 per kata teks sumber. Inilah hasil dari
tindakan banting harga para penerjemah Indones
Hipyan Nopri May 4, 2010
Indonesian Punya kesempatan belajar Bahasa lain, pilih bahasa apa? Cina, Jepang, Vietnam Kalau ada peluang, saya akan belajar bahasa Cina,
Jepang, atau Vietnam. Ketiga negara ini
perekonomiannya maju pesat, jadi bakal banyak
dokumen yg perlu diterjemahkan seiring ekspansi
Hipyan Nopri Dec 18, 2009
Indonesian Dampak Terjemahan dengan Rate Murah Keberatan dan Kerepotan [quote]Alex ST wrote: Seandainya seluruh pihak,
outsourcers juga end-user, berkomitmen maka tidak
akan muncul kesewenangan. [/quote] Tidak ada
kesewenangan dalam bisnis penerjemahan. Y
Hipyan Nopri Aug 11, 2009
Indonesian Dampak Terjemahan dengan Rate Murah Konsistensi [quote]Alex ST wrote: Saya mah setuju dengan
dimunculkannya rate pada profile. Hanya saja jika
semua bisa melihatnya maka yang terjadi bukannya
penerjemah mematok rate baik, malah penerje
Hipyan Nopri Aug 8, 2009
Indonesian Dampak Terjemahan dengan Rate Murah Publikasi Tarif di Profil [quote]Alex ST wrote: . . . apakah ada akibat
yang buruk jika kita memberikan rate yang rendah
(jauh di bawah rata-rata rate international) bagi
outsourcer? [/quote] Pasti. [quote]A
Hipyan Nopri Jul 14, 2009
Indonesian Optimiskan Anda tahun ini? Setiap Saat [quote]Ikram Mahyuddin wrote: Seperti kita tahu,
banyak pihak yang memandang tahun ini dengan
pesimisme terutama berkaitan dengan krisis
finansial. [/quote] Alhamdulillah, saya selalu<
Hipyan Nopri Jun 21, 2009
Indonesian Layakkah rate USD 0.03 per kata? Klien Barat vs Klien Timur [quote]: Iya memang pangkalnya ke sana toh,
selain kepuasan melakukan profesi
tentunya. [/quote] Dalam bisnis jasa
penerjemahan, tarif memang topik yg sangat
mendasar dan selalu men
Hipyan Nopri Jun 21, 2009
Indonesian Penerjemah bahasa daerah Pernah Coba Waktu baru bergabung dg, saya pernah coba
pajang pasangan bahasa
Inggris-Minang/Minang-Inggris. Karena tidak
pernah ada calon klien yg minta penerjemahan
pasangan bahasa ts
Hipyan Nopri Nov 13, 2008
Indonesian Invitation to Indonesian Forum Forum Online di [quote]Sussie Sufyasih Umsari wrote: Boleh ikut
nibrung 'nggak? [/quote] Siapa saja boleh
berpartisipasi di forum bahasa
Indonesia. [quote]Sussie Sufyasih Umsari
wrote: Kira-kira
Hipyan Nopri Nov 13, 2008
Off topic Many Happy returns to our Enrique! Selamat Ulang Tahun Enrique Semoga panjang umur dan sehat sentosa
selalu. Salam Hipyan

[Edited at
2008-10-14 02:13]
Hipyan Nopri Oct 14, 2008
Indonesian Kursus Penerjemahan Hukum Toel [quote]Harry Hermawan wrote: Tul kan da?
[/quote] Toel, Hars. Informasi Hikmat juga
jadi peluang bagi penerjemah yg ingin ikut kursus
penerjemahan. Salam Hipyan
Hipyan Nopri Oct 8, 2008

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