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1st Europe International conference - Rome 2011

2001 - 2011: Tribute to 10 years of events

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Attila Piróth Alessandra Martelli Nigel Saych Hynek Palatin
Inga Michaeli Simone Benincasa Antonella Distante Hristina Dojcinova
José Luis Leyva Ivan Patti Giuseppe Bonavia Sabrina Tursi
Marco Cevoli Orsolya Mance Stefano Gubian Sam Ragab
Daniel Sebesta Andrea Spila Marek Buchtel Bruno Ciola
Konstantin Kisin Mary Moritz Henry Dotterer Vitaly Pedchenko
Vladimir Pedchenko John Di Rico Renato Renno

Attila Piróth (France)
Bio: Attila Piróth holds a PhD in theoretical physics and an MSc in scientific translation. He made the choice between the two careers when he had the opportunity to translate some of Einstein’s original articles. In 2007, Attila passed the American Translators Association certification exam, which boosted his freelance career. In the same year he set up the Solidarités translation team with the twin aim of providing linguistic aid to a humanitarian organization and of creating a unique working environment in which translators can network around worthy projects. In 2009 he started mentoring new translators, and in 2010 he joined IAPTI to promote ethical business practices in the translation and interpreting sectors. Attila has given workshops and conference talks in 12 countries.

Web site: profile: Attila Piróth


Alessandra Martelli (Italy)
Bio: Alessandra Martelli is a freelance translator and copywriter working in the industry since 2002. Alessandra specializes in translation and copywriting projects in the fields of Marketing & Advertising, Market research and Tourism, and she is the “Italian voice” of some of the most important brands operating in the fields of luxury, B2B services, tourism and hospitality worldwide.

Conference speaker and professional trainer, Alessandra provides hands-on actionable training to freelance translators willing to improve their skills both as professionals and as business owners.

Twitter: @mtmtranslations

Web site: profile: Alessandra Martelli (X)


Nigel Saych (Netherlands)
Bio: As a full-time translator now running an agency with 85 translators offering 24 languages, Nigel Saych is not about to take sides. He knows that translators and agencies come in both good and bad versions, but he leaves the accusations and recriminations to others. He does have a slight identity crisis; nine years ago he went to sleep as a translator and woke up to find he had become an outsourcer. But his love of words and his distrust of project managers, account executives and profit forecasts led him to take a maverick path. What he has built up with Interlex Language Services, his company based in the Netherlands but operating on four continents could be the answer for anyone concerned about the future of the profession. Nigel is looking forward to a lively discussion at the Cairo conference and is keen to find out whether his European approach could also work in an Arab context.

Web site: profile: Nigel Saych


Hynek Palatin (Czech Republic)
Bio: Hynek is a freelance translator specialized in IT. He holds a degree in computer science from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He lives in Prague with his wife and daughter. profile: Hynek Palatin


Inga Michaeli (Israel)
Bio: Based in Israel, Inga Michaeli has translated over 220 titles – fiction, non-fiction and lots of DK and LP travel guides – as well as many hours of movies and TV shows, academic articles and marketing texts in need of some oomph. She is a former Chair of the Israel Translators Association (2008-2010), has taught subtitling, literary translation and creative non-fiction translation at Beit Berl College and is a regular speaker at conferences in Israel and abroad. Her main field of expertise (and true passion) is tourism and travel – she translates (English<>Hebrew) for major airlines, hotel chains, booking sites and other outfits, and is regularly featured in Hebrew travel magazines (Masa Acher) and newspapers (Globes), as well as English travel mags (Holyland and Discover Israel). She is member of the Israel Association of Periodical Press (IAPP), a member of Persona and owner of Wander Words.

Web site: profile: Inga Michaeli


Simone Benincasa (Italy), Binari Sonori
Bio: Simone Benincasa graduates as an interpreter in Milan in the year 2000.

He soon starts his career in the IT localization industry, working as a translator and reviewer for several major software houses, both as a freelancer and as an in-house employee.

In 2003 Simone starts working for Binari Sonori, a world-leading company in the multimedia and videogame translation field, where he is now Language Group Manager. profile: SBenincasa


Antonella Distante (Italy)
Bio: Antonella Distante is an expert of legal English and legal translation, she is a lawyer and got her second degree in political science, discussing her final dissertation in legal English. She has gained a long and structured experience in the field of training and research at academic and institutional level. She is the director of the scientific on-line journal, Englishfor; she runs a monthly section, Word detecting, (on neologisms, used and abused words) on the internet site; she is the deviser and director of the series, Inglese per scopi speciali, published by Aracne editrice.

Web site: profile: englishfor


Hristina Dojcinova (Macedonia (FYROM))
Bio: Hristina Dojcinova is a Macedonian communications, translation and interpretation professional, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and Translation in English and French from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje - Department of Interpreting and Translation, Faculty of Philology and a Master’s degree in European Studies – EU Law, Politics and Economics from the University of Bonn, Center for European Integration Studies (ZEI). Her PhD studies are in the field of Communications.
In the past, Hristina has provided interpreting to numerous international and national clients, including diplomatic missions, international organizations and top state national administration. Her previous job post was at the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, and her noteworthy experience includes interpreting at more than 500 conferences as well as high profile political and business meetings, and also at the Congress Service Centre, a leading Macedonian translation, interpretation and event management company where she worked as an Interpretation and Conference Manager. Moreover, she is a Junior Faculty Teaching Assistant at the Department of Interpreting and Translation, having taught Consecutive Interpretation, Political and EU terminology and Written Translation for the past nine years.
Her successful career story accompanied by great professionalism guarantees a top quality and instructive session.
As of June 2009, Hristina is an EU accredited interpreter for English/Macedonian.
Hristina is a founding member and Secretary General of the Association of Conference Interpreters of the Republic of Macedonia and a founding member and Vice-President of the Translators’ Association of the Republic of Macedonia.
She is an active member of the Macedonian community and she organized the first powwow in Macedonia in July 2007 and has organized several powwows since, and more notably, she was the organizer of the 6th International Conference and 10th Anniversary Conference in Ohrid, Macedonia in 2009. Dojcinova has had several conference presentations on translation and interpretation-related topics, most recently at the 2009 Ohrid Conference and 2010 Prague conference.
As of May 2011, Hristina is the founder of a consultancy for interpretation and translation services, interpretation studies and accreditation and translation standards. profile: Hristina Dojčinova


José Luis Leyva (Mexico), Translapro
Bio: With a degree in English Language, translation techniques and linguistics, and graduate studies in Social Psychology, José Luis Leyva is the founder of one of the first established translation agencies in Latin America. As an interpreter, he has participated in the communication teams of four presidents, personally interpreting for them in Mexico; he has personally interpreted for more than 20 state governors in Mexico and the United States, and he has addressed audiences in Spanish with speeches from CEO’s of top firms such as Frank Stronach, president and founder of Magna International, a growing automotive corporation with more than 80,000 employees around the globe, as well as other top executives of global firms such as Ford Motor Company and Visteon Corporation.

Web site: profile: Translapro


Ivan Patti (Italy)
Bio: Alumnus of the Interpreters' and Translators' School of Milan (SSIT), graduated as an Interpreter in 1999.

Has worked as a freelance translator since January 2000. Specializes in the fields of Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry.

Has been a member of the ANITI (Italian National Association of Interpreters & Translators) since 2002 and served as a Councillor for this Professional Body in 2004. He's also a member of the SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs), of the ATA (American Translators Association) and of TradInFo (Forlì's and Trieste's Interpreters' and Translators' Schools Alumni Association).

Ex alunno della Scuola Superiore Interpreti e Traduttori (SSIT) di Milano, ha conseguito il Diploma di Interprete nel 1999.

Traduttore freelance da gennaio 2000, specializzato in traduzioni per la medicina, la farmaceutica e la chimica.

Membro di ANITI (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti) dal 2002, associazione per cui nel 2004 ha ricoperto l'incarico di Consigliere. È anche membro della SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs), dell'ATA (American Translators Association) e di TradInFo. profile: Ivan Patti


Giuseppe Bonavia (Italy)
Bio: Certified Public Accountant and Auditor in Pisa, Giuseppe Bonavia shares his expertise holding courses, seminars and workshops on tax and accounting issues for freelance translators and interpreters in cooperation with STL Formazione

Web site: profile: giuseppebonavia


Sabrina Tursi (Italy)
Bio: A lawyer specialized in legal translations, Sabrina is active in promoting education and training opportunities for translators. profile: Sabrina Tursi


Marco Cevoli (Spain)
Bio: founding partner of qabiria, marco cevoli coordinates qabiria's activities.

Marco Cevoli has a Master's degree in design and multimedia production from the University La Salle in Barcelona and graduated with honours in Foreign languages and literature at the Catholic University in Brescia (with a dissertation on translation problems in film dubbing). He has worked as a freelance translator since 1997. In Italy he collaborated in the development of an international NGO, before specializing in web design. In Spain, he spent four years in a multinational company of the Bertelsmann group, as Head of the Translation Department. After leaving, he completed some projects as a strategic consultant before deciding to put his knowledge of the sector to good use by setting up Qabiria, a company specialized in consulting for the language services industry. In his free time he applies his knowledge of web design and information architecture to various personal sites, and contributes to a psychology and neuropsychology consulting service, Hippocampo. He spoke at several Proz conferences in Barcelona (2009 and 2010) and Vienna (2009) and at the Translation Forum Russia (2009 and 2010).

Master in design e produzione multimedia presso l’università La Salle di Barcellona e laureato con lode in Lingue e letterature straniere presso l’Università Cattolica di Brescia (con una tesi sui problemi traduttologici del doppiaggio cinematografico). Traduce come freelance dal 1997. In Italia collabora allo sviluppo di una ONG internazionale, per poi specializzarsi nel settore del web design. In Spagna, dopo quattro anni in una multinazionale del gruppo Bertelsmann, a capo del reparto traduzioni, e dopo alcuni incarichi come consulente strategico, decide di mettere a frutto le conoscenze del settore fondando Qabiria, società di consulenza per aziende del settore dei servizi linguistici. Nel tempo libero applica le sue conoscenze di web design e di information architecture a vari siti personali, oltre a collaborare con lo studio di psicologia e neuropsicologia Hippocampo. Ha partecipato come relatore alle conferenze Proz di Barcellona (2009 e 2010), Vienna (2009) e al Translation Forum Russia (2009 e 2010).

Web site: profile: Marco Cevoli


Orsolya Mance (United Kingdom)
Bio: Originally from Hungary, Orsolya has lived in the UK for the past 9 years. She was a Teacher of Mathematics and EFL before starting to work as a part-time freelance translator 7 years ago, and going full time after her first son was born.
She translates from English to Hungarian mainly in the fields of finance and marketing. In 2009 she also qualified as a Public Service Interpreter and since the birth of her second son she has been meeting the daily challenge of running her business and being a good mum at the same time. profile: Orsolya Mance


Stefano Gubian (Italy)
Bio: I am a freelance translator with a degree in philosophy. I have been working as a translator since 1993, mainly in the computer and technical fields, but I also translated some financial and marketing books. I like translating books, but recently I have worked mainly in IT and localisation. I like to keep abreast of new trends of technology, especially for what relates to my profession.
I live in Italy, I have three children and my wife is also a translator. profile: Stefano Gubian


Sam Ragab (Egypt)
Bio: Owner of Arabiana Translation Group, EN 15038 Lead Auditor (Observer status), EN 15038 Certified Translation Service Provider, Cat Tools and Terminology Management Expert, UN and Worldbank Registered Translation Vendor, Senior DTP specialist, Certified Localizer. Sam has over 20 years of expertise in the translation and localization industry and sets the benchmarks for quality work, with a focus on Arabic and Middle Eastern translation, localization and DTP services. Moreover, Sam has an outstanding history in training translators and localizers to excel using latest Cat and Terminology Management tools. Sam's hobbies include fishing, basketball and soccer. profile: mutarjem


Daniel Sebesta (Czech Republic), DS Translations
Bio: Chief Linguist at DS Translations, a boutique translation firm based in Prague, Czech Republic. English-to-Czech and German-to-Czech translator since 2003, state-certified for German. Specialized in marketing, business, IT, and renewable energy. Member of ATA, JTP, and MLA. Formerly a lexicographer for a publishing house and a researcher at the Czech Language Institute. Studied in Germany, Canada, and New Zealand. Passionate traveler in his free time. Visit for more details.

Web site: profile: Daniel Šebesta


Andrea Spila (Italy)
Bio: Andrea Spila is a professional translator, online trainer and web consultant. He holds a degree in Philosophy and a PhD. in Experimental Pedagogy from the University of Rome. In 1989 he co-founded AlfaBeta, an Italian specialist provider of multilingual translation and communication services to businesses and public and private institutions. He is currently the Business Development Manager of the company and the Director of Studies of the European School of Translation, an online training school for translators sponsored by AlfaBeta. He is also a Professional Trainer where he teaches web translation and writing skills in English and Italian.

Web site: profile: Andrea Spila


Marek Buchtel (Czech Republic)
Bio: Marek Buchtel is a freelance translator (English/Czech) with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in business, legal and IT translations as well as website/software localizations. In addition to translating, Marek provides workshops and trainings on topics related to increasing productivity of translators. He majored in information technology at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic, and studied English/Czech translation and interpreting at the Institute of Translation Studies – Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He’s the coordinator of the team working on the Czech localization of Marek lives in Prague. profile: Marek Buchtel


Bruno Ciola (Italy), LINGUATECH SNC
Bio: After receiving my translation diploma from Innsbruck University in 1996, I worked in the fields of tourism and marketing, and subsequently as a freelance translator for several companies in Italy and Germany. From 1998 to 2001, I was involved in terminology research projects at EURAC’s Institute for Applied Linguistics. I am the co-author of a series of specialist legal dictionaries. Since 1999 I have participated actively in conferences, seminars and master’s courses, shifting the main focus from translation to consulting and training for translation tools.

Web site: profile: Bruno Ciola


Konstantin Kisin (United Kingdom)
Bio: Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues.

A regular contributor to on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun. profile: Konstantin Kisin


Mary Moritz (France) (Traductrice indépendante, spécialisée dans la traduction de documents d’affaires, en commerce et marketing)
Bio: Mary Waggoner-Moritz est une expatriée américaine qui vit actuellement près de Besançon. Traductrice indépendante depuis 2007, elle s’est spécialisée dans la traduction de documents d’affaires, en commerce et marketing. Elle a déjà donné de nombreuses conférences et animé des ateliers lors de précédents congrès Proz en France et à l’étranger.


Mary Waggoner-Moritz is an an American expatriate now living near Besançon, Franche-Comté, France. Mary’s curriculum vitae includes a B.S. degree in theater arts from Emerson College in Boston (1988) and working within a variety of businesses as a temporary administrative assistant for 6+ years: insurance, human resources, banking and finance. Before coming to France, she was a conference coordinator for an EPA consulting company and an office assistant for a non-profit organization. Once in France, she taught English as a foreign language for 6 years before becoming a freelance French to English translator.

Web site: profile: Mary Moritz


Henry Dotterer (United States)
Bio: founder and former translator. profile: Henry Dotterer


Vitaly Pedchenko (Ukraine)
Bio: Vitaly Pedchenko - Deputy Managing Director of Advanced International
Translations. Worked in all departments of Advanced International
Translations: Translation, Technical Support, Project Management,

Web site: profile: Vitaly Pedchenko


Vladimir Pedchenko (Ukraine)
Bio: Vladimir Pedchenko - Founder and Managing Director of Advanced
International Translations. Started own translation agency after 6
months of freelancing. Personally created first version of Translation
Office 3000. After TO3000 become bestselling product, shifted focus to
software development and released 11 software products with a team of
software developers and technical support experts, with Projetex being
the most complex one. Translation agency owned by AIT continues
profitable operation and currently serves as research ground to test
software products for translators.

Web site: profile: Volodymyr Pedchenko


John Di Rico (France), ApexTra (Traducteur financier et formateur Wordfast)
Bio: John Di Rico began translating in 2005 and specializes in financial translation and marketing from French to English. He currently works for Wordfast as the Sales and Training Manager and does translation through is company ApexTra. He is a member of the French translation professional association (Société Française des Traducteurs) and is member of’s Certified Pro Network.
John started offering professional training for translators in 2006. He teaches translators how to use the computer-assisted translation tool (CAT tool) called Wordfast as well as project management software. He has also taught English in France and Vietnam and is a certified JCI trainer for adult education. Since 2007, he has also organized four professional translation conferences in France with
In 2010-2011, John traveled around the world, training more than 75 translators in 15 countries, including translators at the United Nations Mission to East Timor. He has also represented Wordfast at numerous industry events including American Translators’ Association conferences, the IMTT Language and Technology conference, and GALA conferences.


John Di Rico traduis depuis 2005 et se spécialise dans la traduction financière et marketing du français vers l'anglais. Il travaille actuellement pour Wordfast en tant que Responsable Commercial et Formations et continue a exercer le métier de traduction avec son entreprise ApexTra.

John a commencé à proposer des formations professionnelles pour traducteurs en 2006. Il forme des traducteurs à l'utilisation des logiciels Wordfast ainsi qu'à la gestion de projet. Il a également enseigné l'anglais en France et au Vietnam et est un formateur certifié par la JCI pour l'enseignement aux adultes. Enfin, depuis 2007, il organise des congrès professionnels de traducteurs en France avec le concours de

En 2010-2011, John a voyagé autour du monde et a formé plus de 75 traducteurs dans 15 pays, y compris les traducteurs de la Mission des Nations Unies au Timor oriental. Il a également représenté Wordfast à de nombreuses conférences professionnelles, notamment des conférences de l'American Translators' Association, d'IMTT Language and Technology et de GALA.

Web site: profile: John Di Rico


Renato Renno (Italy), The Foreign Friend
Bio: “Why would a registered professional (lawyer) want to become an unregistered professional (translator)?” ... “Because my father was a lawyer and my mother an entrepreneur: it was natural for me to constantly seek a balance between “profession” and “enterprise” in my life.”

At first I let the profession run free: after a degree in law I split my time between being in court, writing contracts, summons, and arraignments… The entrepreneur was at first content with managing the team of legal translators which over the years has become a network and ultimately a database… But it was only a matter of time before the clean break: growing progressively less tolerant of “wearing a tie”, I dropped the profession to give birth in time to TheForeignFriend, an enterprise whose goal is – among others – to support and promote the “profession” within the “enterprise”… Who knows, maybe I have found my balance this way!

Web site: profile: T F F


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